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Re: Athletes drinking breastmilk?

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    km_mdkm_md member
    hmm, I should look into selling my over-supply if I can get $2.50 an ounce for it haha!

    Seriously though, interesting story. There isn't any science backing this up, but that has never stopped people from doing things before! 

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    That's crazy and expensive, which I had oversupply, ha ha!! so seriously anyone can buy BM off that website like that athlete?? Kind of makes me angry sort of cause I would rather have that BM go to babies that are in need of it. Those mommas that donate work hard. I honestly wouldn't want my BM going to some random athlete Just because it gives them more energy. I can see BM being used for cancer cell etc. or for research.
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    blue_elleblue_elle member
    edited June 2014
    Hmm, unconventional for sure, but is it really more strange than drinking milk that other mammals made for their babies? We only accept that practice because it's the norm for us culturally. In many cultures milk isn't consumed at all once weaned, and there are others where adults do consume BM at times.

    Not interested in drinking it myself, but I'd think it's immunological properties could be potentially beneficial to big humans as well as tiny ones.

    Maybe this is an early UO :-?

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    I say save it for the babies, they need it more
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    I sent this article to my friend whose a chef and asked her if she would make my bm into ice cream jokingly. She's up for it..
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    Bit of a thread hijack, sorry, but I think it goes along with this thread and the idea that breast milk can provide health benefits for people other than a woman's baby.

    I've been wondering-- is
    donated breast milk actually better for a baby than formula? Honestly the only thing I know is that breast milk is easier to digest, and that it has antibodies from the mother to protect the baby. If those are the only factors, though, is that enough reason for someone to feel that buying donated breast milk is better than buying formula?

    I know that the antibodies are transferred through the milk to the baby, so if you or someone in your baby's environment has a cold, the baby is protected. However, if we are talking about a baby who is potentially hundreds or thousands of miles away from the woman donating, does that baby actually receive any benefits? Is the version of the flu germs that a donating mother's milk protects against going to be the same as the version that the baby is exposed to, and is the milk even useful for a baby who isn't in contact with the same germs?

    I'm asking to be schooled here, because I have little to NO idea how the human immune system works, or how breast milk
    actually protects infants. I don't really understand the process, since most baby books/websites say something along the lines of "breast milk is best for baby because it has antibodies that protect them," or something else vague an not very explanatory.

    Any immunologists in the house?

    Also, please note-- I'm not dissing breast milk donation, or breast feeding, or saying formula or breast milk is better. I support feeding babies, in any manner, so long as the baby is healthy and thriving. I'm not sure if I support grown men drinking donated milk though.
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