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does your formula feed baby sttn?

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Follow up on other poll. Since the other was for breast fed babies. Mine is ebf but I am curious to see the two compared. Same as other poll, sttn equals 8 + hrs per night straight.
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does your formula feed baby sttn? 134 votes

25% 34 votes
10% 14 votes
used to, but in 4mw
5% 8 votes
0% 1 vote
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57% 77 votes

Re: does your formula feed baby sttn?

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    Yes, DD is STTN now with minor wake ups (1 min or less) a couple times a night. It sounds like she just fusses as she re-positions herself. We put her to bed between 830 and 9 and she sleeps until 6-630 am. 
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    Yes, she sleeps from about 830pm to 6am, eats, and then goes back to sleep until about 9.

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    @pinkyxboo lucky that she goes right back to sleep! Lol, my LO is ready to play and have fun! 
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    We used to, but haven't gotten back to it since the 4mw. We're starting to get closer again, but still not 8 hours. That said, there is usually only 1 wakeup each night, so that's not bad at all.

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    amt0312 said:

    @pinkyxboo lucky that she goes right back to sleep! Lol, my LO is ready to play and have fun! 

    Sometimes she'll just lay and babble to herself for a bit but eventually she falls back asleep. I'm grateful she does so well at night because naps are hell!

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    Yes, he has always been a terrific sleeper (at night anyway, he's not always the best napper), I am quite grateful! He usually sleeps 11 hours from 8pm to 7am. He frequently wakes up briefly between 5 and 6 but will go back to sleep if we put his paci in.

    Had a minor regression at 4 months, which was also when we switched him to his crib, but he's been back to STTN for about three weeks now. Fingers crossed he keeps it up!
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    DS used to sleep 8-12 hours straight a night. Then he got a stomach bug and he's been walking up 2-3 times a night since then. He's eating a ton when he does wake up.

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    LO sleeps from 7:30-4am. Up for a feed and back down until 6 or so.
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    Grace goes down btw 830-930. Her last bottle is no later then 9. She wakes btw 530-6 then goes back down for 1-1/2 hrs. Sometimes we wake up for a big wet diaper or her pacifier.
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    Viv is mostly formula fed (only breastfeeds at night and in the morning) and she mostly sleeps through the night.  Sometimes has one wake up, eats, goes back to sleep.

    My son was 100% formula fed and he woke up a bajillion times a night until about 7 months old.


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