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Late Intro

I've been learking for a few months now, we found out end of March we are expecting. We are excited but very nervous... this is our 3rd pregnancy but sadly our first two ended in a MC. Our Due date it 11/29.. Our next appt is 6/17, if all goes well we will start having appts every 4weeks instead of the every 2 week's we've been having. I am currently 14w2d today and so far all is going great!! :)
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Re: Late Intro

  • Thanks ladies!!
    [Deleted User]Carebella
  • welcome and congrats!
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  • Welcome :) congrats and enjoy!
  • Welcome and congrats :)

  • Thanks ladies
  • shaddox16 said:

    Congrats and welcome!! My first two were also losses. There are several women here with previous losses and everyone is very supportive. :)

    Thank you, and I'm sry for your first two losses..
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