To all birth mothers from adopted child.

Thank you. Thank you for seeing past immediate pain and grieving in order to do what was best for the child. I am a 30yr old who was adopted as an infant by a loving family. 6 years ago I was able to find enough information through research to find my biological family. They welcomed me with open arms, I now have the best of two worlds. However seeing and hearing how I would have been raised both families know it was the best decision. If anyone has questions feel free to ask!
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Re: To all birth mothers from adopted child.

  • Thank you for sharing. I wonder quite a bit what my daughter will think about my decision for her when she gets older. SO glad you have such a great outlook!
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  • As another adopted child, I'm grateful everyday for the decision my birthmom made.  I didn't get to meet her until I was 32 and didn't know how close she was to not signing the TPR so things could have gone very differently in my life. 

    I now know she suffered daily all those years and a piece of her was missing (a piece of me was missing too).  Part of me regrets that she wasn't in my life sooner, but overall I have an absolutely wonderful life and who knows what would have happened otherwise.  If she kept me, maybe she wouldn't have gotten married years later and had my wonderful siblings.  So many what-ifs with adoption.


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