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baby sleep apnea

Anyone's LO have this? If so, what were the signs that made you take her to the pedi? 

My 10wk old has little episodes every once in awhile where she looks as though she's gagging/choking during sleep.  She doesn't cough or make noise so it doesn't appear that she's clearing her airway, but rather, it looks like she's struggling to take a breath (like you do when you've had the wind knocked out of you). I thought the sporadic occurrences were nothing to worry about, but it happened 3x in one night recently, so we're going in.  So far she has been fine just being put upright with a few solid pats on the back (she usually doesn't even wake up from this), but because of this, I don't know if she is capable of resolving this episodes on her own, or if she needs my jolt. I'm terrified that this will happen and I will be asleep and not know. 
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