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Welcome to The Bump Community!

We’re so happy you’re here. We want you to get the most out of your experience on our boards, so we’ve created a little guide to help you get started.


Why do I even need this?


We created The Bump community for you to connect with women who are going through exactly what you’re going through -- think of it like your own big support group! Whether you have questions or just need to vent; advice, q&a and great listeners can be found here.


When you join conversations in the community, you’re also eligible for perks! Things like giveaways (sometimes random, just for being awesome), featured quotes in our magazine or on our website, and we even pick members (and often their babies too) to highlight monthly! Your story could be featured on our blog -- cool right? We thought so.


I’m in! Where do I start?


There are cool community features that you should totally know about before posting:


Birth Month Clubs: Start with joining your birth club and chat with other moms-to-be and new moms going through the same things as you

Boards: These are public forum boards created by The Bump for members to discuss topics in three ways:

·         New discussion: starts a new thread on the board

·         New poll: polls community members on a topic

·         Ask a question: ask fellow members to answer a specific question

Local Boards: Sometimes you need advice from moms in your area - meet them here        

Private Groups: Member-created private (invite only/request to join) boards that allow you to talk in a private setting with specific community friends

Notifications: Set up your account to receive real-time alerts when someone replies to a discussion you started, replies to a comment you made, mentions you, writes on your wall, etc. (You can choose what you receive and how you receive these!)

Private Message: Think of this as your community email

Report/Flag button: This feature is for you to report a malicious or inappropriate post as well as spam, trolling, etc. Do not flag a post just because you disagree with a poster or do not like a poster – flagging posts that do not follow the community rules or are spam help us make our boards as awesome as possible for you. If you have a problem with a post or poster, please contact your board moderator (listed at the top of each board) or your site admin directly.


What else should I know?


The Bump community has a wide variety of users and boards. Explore the boards before taking part -- see where you will get the best experience for what you’re going through.


Read the community rules. This will give you what to keep in mind while posting. Rules were created to help keep the community an informative, fun and enjoyable environment.


We’ve got brand admins on the boards to make sure everything stays awesome. The Bump moderates all public community boards and enforces the rules. To get in contact with them send a private message, tag them in a post (use the @ symbol) or simply email


There are also moderators on our boards. Users nominate stand-out members of their boards to be moderators. Once nominated, these members’ accounts are reviewed by the admin before officially being announced as their board’s moderator. They generously volunteer their time to moderate specific boards to make the experience helpful and fun for everyone (thank you, moderators!) They are there to participate in conversations, address issues and answer questions (totally reach out to them!). You’ll see their names listed at the top of the boards and they have an “m” badge in their profiles. Once you get comfortable, you too might even be nominated to be a moderator! How? Provide consistent feedback and conversations in threads that are valuable to our members. You’ll be recognized as a great user and may be nominated!


I’m ready! Let’s get to posting…


Enjoy your time on the boards! Again, you can find us on the boards, through private message or at We’re here if you need anything.

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