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Newly diagnosed Chronic HTN

Hi everyone,

I am currently 28+1 and since I found out I was pregnant my blood pressures have been high at the Dr's office, anywhere from 130/80-156/90. When my blood pressure is repeated at the end of my appt's it is always normal (110/70-125/80). I was told to monitor my blood pressure at home twice a day for 4 weeks. In that time, the highest blood pressure I had was 130/75. Since all of my BP were okay at home, I have only been monitoring about 1-2 times a week. They have all been good at home. My midwife had consulted with an OB and they suspected I have "White Coat Hypertension" I had an appt with this OB today and she decided that they will treat me as having Chronic HTN and that means NST's, Growth scans, and being induced before my due date. She is concerned that my White coat HTN will turn into more severe HTN so I have to keep monitoring my blood pressure at home everyday. 

We have had two anatomy scans and everything looks perfect. Baby is in the 57th percentile, and has a healthy HB and baby weighs about 2lbs 13oz as of yesterday 5/27. My due date is Aug 19, so the plan is to induce a few days before then if I don't go into natural labor and as long as my BP are stable. The OB said if my BP rise to anything over 160/110 that they would start medication and hopefully that would control the BP until I'm further along.

Does anyone else have "White Coat HTN?" I was frustrated in the beginning and I find it hard to explain to people about what is actually going on. 
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