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How to acknowledge gifts already sent before shower

I live six hours away from where my parents live and my shower there is this upcoming weekend. I have received many gifts in the mail- both from people attending the shower, courteous because of car space coming back home, and from people not attending. At tge shower, how will you acknowledge those gifts you have received already?

Re: How to acknowledge gifts already sent before shower

  • If you haven't already, send a TY note (so that it arrives before your shower).  Then thank them again personally when they arrive.

    I wouldn't mention the gifts otherwise personally, but I have seen some MTBs print out pics of the gifted items and pass around the pics/ show the pics after all other gifts are opened.



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  • MandJS said:
    I only pointed it out a few times at my OOT shower, and those people all brought a card to the shower for me. So I mentioned the awesome whatever they had sent me already when I was reading the card.
    Same here.
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  • I went to a shower that the mom to be was traveling and I was traveling as well, so we shipped the present before the shower. I still took a card to the shower and when she opened it she just said that it was from me and that I travelled from MS and sent the present to her house. Nothing big, but a simple comment and it worked well. We also received a Thank You card after the shower.
  • VOR said:

    Honestly, what I would do is for those who come to the shower, when you talk to them, verbally thank them one on one (and also obviously send them a thank you note). 

    Don't announce who gave what.  Most of your guests really aren't going to care, and the ones who gave the gifts shouldn't be giving you a gift in order to be given public accolades.  And some might actually be uncomfortable with it being announced. 


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  • ccamccam member
    I would send a thank you right away so those people know you received their gifts.  At my shower, I just did a general announcement after opening gifts thanking those who sent gifts directly to my house.  I didn't list specific gifts.


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  • My grandma sent my bassinet before hand, but then printed a picture and brought a card, so I just opened the card and showed the room. A friend had a bathtub sent, and he was my left hand man for the day, and I said thank you for sending my tub. Everyone got their thank yous at the same time, after the shower. In my circle, people like to feel special. 
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  • Thank you ladies :)
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