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Can't roll now

DD has been able to roll both ways for about a month now. The last week or so I noticed that when she tries to roll from back to tummy on her play mat she can't now for some reason. Should I be worried that she regressed for some reason?

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  • There is no need to worry right now. Your DD is learning so much right now that there might be a little regression as she picks up new skills. Continue to monitor it and if it continues to concern you, then bring it up to your pediatrician at the next appointment. My LO "forgot" how to roll front to back for over 2 months and has just recently started doing it again, though not consistently and still forgets sometimes.

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  • My son forgot how to roll belly to back a few weeks ago too. We just practiced doing it for a few days. I would help move his arm and hip, to show him how to roll. After doing that a bunch of times, he seemed to pick it back up.
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  • My LO was also rolling both ways but has seem to have forgotten how to roll from tummy to back the last few days. I think it's because she has been learning how to sit unassisted and would rather be sitting now instead of being laid down.
  • Nah. DD2 has rolled over twice, and then promptly never did it again. She's just not that interested. I don't worry.
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