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Nap times while on vacation

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How do you handle lo's naps when on vacation? Do you make time for them to take a nap or two each day in a dark, quiet place where they won't be disturbed? Or do you let them nap wherever you happen to be while you're on the go as they need (aka in the car/carrier/in your arms) while you're doing your activities? We will be gone for two weeks and I don't want lo to get exhausted. He will have just turned 7 months.


Re: Nap times while on vacation

  • We will be going on vacation soon so I will be following this thread.

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  • Good luck. We just got back from 5 days overseas. Bit if a nightmare. I kept him on our timezone and tried to time things with his naps like driving, I know he'll sleep in the car. We took a cheap buggy in case the airline lost it, which they did (got it back the next day) but it wasnt as comfy for him so no napping there. Mostly family time so I let him sleep on me.
  • We're going on vacation next week and my plan is to try and have him get his morning nap in the house in his rock n play like usual. It's always his best nap of the day, usually 1.5-2 hrs. We did rent a house that has a pool so well just take to the monitor outside with us. Bens afternoon naps aren't that great so he'll probably just do those wherever.
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    We were gone for a week and outside of the travel days - we had LO nap in her cosleeper in our darkened hotel room with the sound machine as normal. We only did this bc my LO really does not nap on the go and will stay awake all day unless we're diligent. If we had a more adaptable LO we would have done more on the go napping.
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  • DD still naps 3 times a day so we usually do the first one in the hotel/house, and the other two on the go either in stroller, ergo or car seat.

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    We've been on a few trips, (lots of weekends visiting my folks) and one big vacation with LO already.....  We now know our little girl HASSSS to be put down every 2 hours, after waking.  Before I would push it and say "she'll nap in the car/stroller" but that didn;t always work and then we had a terribly cranky baby.  We stick to our "routine" pretty closely, even when away.  It kind of sucks, but it's what she needs right now so we had to make a few sacrifices  while away. 
    Some babies are great nappers though so definitely depends on the baby !!!

    Edit to add:  we also kept LO on the same time zone as home, as close as we could. Made for easier transition coming home! 

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  • Finn is pretty laid back. He needs a lot of naps, but he is usually okay with napping in the car, stroller, or Ergo. As long as he has the opportunity for naps, the place doesn't seem to matter at this point.

    I think this age is still pretty easy, since they're so portable. I think it depends on the kid though.
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