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Let's Talk Tupperware etc

This may get some buzz post-holiday, but I'm sitting in a parking garage with Warner passed out in his car seat... sooooo... Yeah, tell me about your toddler Tupperware (snack containers, travel containers, cups, bibs, etc) that you love!
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Re: Let's Talk Tupperware etc

  • For travel I use Rubbermaid Tupperware. Normal stuff. I like munchkin snack cups that have the lid handle. At home she gets ikea kids tablesware.
    Sippy cups hmm the winner is the playtex straw for water and take-n-toss for milk.
    I like babies r us bibs that have plastic back and cloth front.
    I need to find better spoons for her.
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  • OXO Tot plates, bowls, cutlery and snack containers. We have a Contigo water bottle that really doesn't leak (not that I can get him to drink any water...) and a Munchkin weighted straw cup (like the Zoli but less than half the $) that is great.
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