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Nudity around los

When do you/DH plan on stopping being nude around your LOs? Is it different for same/opposite sex parents?

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  • ricekezricekez
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    Maybe when DS1 is 3. At some point, he'll stop barging in on me in the shower and be capable of understanding the idea of privacy. I'm thinking that will happen around 3-4 years old and then we can start teaching him about modesty.

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  • Hmmm, good question. FTM here and I'm thinking maybe when he's around 1? I already feel awkward with him in the bouncer staring at me while I shower. Good thing he's only 3 months and has no idea what body parts are!
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  • KariB509KariB509
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    My DS is 3 and he doesn't even notice. My shower is open and he comes in when I'm showering nearly every morning and never seems to notice that I'm naked. He just turned 3 so I imagine in the next several months he'll start to question things and then it'll be time to cover up.

    Eta: I don't want to make nudity a shameful thing though or a huge deal. So we'll see how it pans out.
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  • My mom and I still pee in front of each other, or use the bathroom while the other is in the shower if we need I guess I grew up in a fairly open house as far as same sex nudity.  I have no problem following this with my child.  I was taught proper modesty in public/with the opposite sex, but family, eh.  Opposite sex I think we started separating around 5 or so.  Although, I don't ever remember seeing my Dad naked, just having baths with my brothers.  That definitely stopped around 4 or 5. 

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  • cnbeancnbean
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    My SIL is a social worker and what she told me is that girls tend to notice the difference between boys and girls around 2 or so. Boys are a little later on that one. I still shower with my 2 yo son and don't plan on changing that until he acts like he notices a difference. I'm guessing about 3 will be the cut off though. 
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