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GD - Those who are maintaining by diet

How often do you get high numbers if you are maintaining by the diet and exercise? I am getting high number once in couple of days. Is this normal? Am I supposed to get normal at all times? I do not want to be on meds. 

Re: GD - Those who are maintaining by diet

  • Do you know why you are getting high numbers? Can you see a pattern in your food log? I can normally tell why a number might be high.

    It's important that you keep your numbers in the normal range all the time for your baby, so try to identify why you get a hug number so you can avoid it in the future.
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  • Meals: Maybe once with food when I went way over on treats.  Other than that, as long as I stuck to the diet, never.

    Fasting: Every once in a while when I was stressed. If I did yoga the night before it usually helped.

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  • I get an occasional high number....and it's usually when I am out to eat and have to guess at serving sizes.  My doctor said as long as you know why and not consistent it's ok.  I also had high fasting numbers this past weekend....95, 95 and 99....I believe it was because it was soooo hot and we didn't have the air conditioners in yet and I wasnt' sleeping and up ALOT all night.  The night we put them in and I slept, they were back to normal. I was told stress can affect the numbers.
  • I had a cheat meal once a week where I splurged a little on the carbs. So my numbers would be up a little from that. My dr wasn't concerned about it.
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  • Keep a log of what you eat, detailed like if you had a sandwich, what was in the sandwich by slices, ounces etc. Like me I found that eating tomatoes raises my sugar. My levels are great during the day it's my morning fasting levels that are high their supposed it be between 70 to 90. And it's higher the doc prescribed 2.5 mg glyburide only at bed time and it's gone down to the right levels. Try the food log see if that helps.
  • I agree with the others about keeping a food log of everything you eat.  I did that in the beginning until I learned what foods/quantities elevated my sugars.  For instance, I found for myself that I cannot process the carb as well at breakfast so I tend to stick with high protein very low carb.  However, at lunch my body handles the carb much better.  I'll get a high number maybe once a week or so.  My doctors seem completely fine with it since the rest of my numbers are well within range. 

    I also find that exercise helps a lot; if I had a meal that was higher in carbs than I'd like or if I've eaten out and I'm not completely sure I will hit the elliptical for 20 minutes or take a 30 minute walk to help make sure my levels are within range. 
  • I agree with previous posters re. a food journal & adding in some light exercise (e.g. walking for 10 minutes after lunch & dinner or having a longer evening walk).  I was having a hard time with some of my fasting scores and after talking to the GD nurse (who calls me 1x/weekly to get my numbers), I found out that my evening snack choices were no longer being processed properly (which can happen as the pregnancy progresses).  She gave me some suggestions for alternatives & suggested that I get regular exercise which resulted in me being able to avoid going on meds.  It took me 4 days of changing my habits to see the results, but it was worth making the changes to avoid meds. 

    Because the numbers are averaged throughout the week, the nurse told me it's not a huge deal to have some outlier numbers here & there.  As others shared, sometimes it's hard to calculate properly if you're out to eat or if someone else is cooking.  Now that I'm in the final stretch, I find myself wanting to plurge here & there, so I can anticipate 1-2 higher scores throughout the week. Just make sure you're honest with yourself about why & share that info with the nurse.   
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