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Registry question....

Let me preface by saying I will be grateful and happy with whatEVER people give us. My question-- I decided to decorate baby girl's nursery in yellow and pink with a bird theme. Is it kosher to write that in the little "memo to guests" section of the registry? I feel like writing almost anything in that little section is poor taste, but I have a lot of family members who like to go off the registry, and colors may help them.

Thought this was a good question for this board. I don't want to ask anyone I know bc I don't want to look tacky discussing my registry with people invited to the shower. Thanks!

Re: Registry question....

  • Yeah, if someone wants to go off registry, but wants direction, they will ask for it. The most I would do is let your host know your theme in case anyone asks. But if they don't ask, and they feel like picking out something special for you, why not just let them have their fun?
  • All I put in that section was Thank You! I think from other items on the registry that the theme will be apparent. You can clearly tell from ours that the theme is pink and aqua under the sea.
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  • Thanks, all! I'm not really registering for bedding so that's kind of why I asked. I am registered at Amazon and BRU and I think I will end up buying bedding myself from PB. I guess I was just thinking if people wanted to buy a picture frame or something they would know what the style is... I will leave it alone. thanks!! :)
  • @VioletteGrayskies‌ ooooh what is that?? I have an amazon registry... Is that diff than amazon universal registry?
  • I am not a big fan of pink...and we are having a girl (too much pink when I was a girl I guess). So I put in the comments section on both our registries what our theme was. Also make sure your hostess knows if people ask and the invitation is somewhat on pink and yellow, hopefully they get the hint?
  • @msspeedymarie great tip. I just added our bedding to the Amazon registry. Thanks for your help!
  • @rc1014 I registered for nursery stuff at PB - but I made the registry my name backwards so people cant look it up. I just used it as a wishlist for myself, and a reminder with my pregnant brain for what I like. Some days I'm creative (few) and some days I am not... so on those creative days, I have to mark down somehow what I want, or I will forget.  I would not write that on the invite, but if someone wants to know your theme they will prob ask. My GMom asked already. 
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  • Me and my friends have the shower theme be the same as the room. That way it's clear I think. My invite had blue and green turtles on it and my friend had pink and green circus theme to match the bedding she made herself. In my circle, that's enough of a hint. If you don't like a decor item you receive as a gift, you can regift it later to a coworker or donate it.
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