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AW: I went to L&D and all I birthed was a 3mm kidney stone...


Well I had quite the ordeal on Tuesday night and wanted to share. Welcome to the third trimester, and so long to my drug-free pregnancy I was aiming for...

Short story: I had a kidney stone attack, ended up spending the night in the high-risk/antenatal unit and fortunately passed the stone, avoiding surgery!

(very) Long story:

So, Tuesday I woke up feeling kind of off, at 5 a.m., and took a bath. Got through the day ok, but I feel a lot of urgency to pee - yet, no pee came out - and what did kind of trickled, no proper 'pee stream' could be made. I definitely did not drink enough water that day, but still. It was odd. I had a nutritionist appointment in the afternoon and asked to have my pee tested for a UTI. They obliged, but said it was likely the baby sitting on my bladder (later, the OB triage nurse said "um, a little soon for that").

I came home and around 5 p.m. got some serious, telltale flank pain that to me had kidney stone written all over it. I called my MFM and the NP taking calls said to try two tylenol and to rest, but if it got unbearable to go to OB triage after calling her back to alert them I was coming in.  I took another bath and got the dry heaves, twice (always pretty to puke in the tub). I laid down for a while and tried relaxation techniques, only to find myself vomiting again from the pain. I called back deciding it was time to go in, and then texted J to come and get me!

The OB Triage was a great experience. WAY superior to an ER! They first monitored the baby for about 30 minutes. I was in *so much pain* but I just tried to breath and her rhythmic heartbeat was relaxing. I rated my pain an 8 of 10 - and I have a pretty high pain tolerance. It took quite a while and then finally they gave me morphine. So much for my drug-free pregnancy:(. It did absolutely nothing to address the pain, at all, and I was sent for a kidney ultrasound. That was less than awesome as it felt like I had a knife in my side and they were pushing and ultrasounding all over it. I whimpered through it. They definitely saw stones (duh) and I headed back to OB triage.

Luckily, even before the u/s my MFM was there and said she was admitting me. It was kind of a relief to just know I could settle in and honestly, in my head there was no better place to be! They moved me to my room (now I'm at a 9 of 10 pain) and said "we need to do an internal cervix check" - ug. Good news was it was high, long, and closed. The bad news was it was seriously uncomfortable. No one at any point was worried about the baby which was reassuring.

Finally at around 9:30 p.m. they gave me a different drug ("the big guns"..."we use this for drug addicts"...) that worked great for about 2 hours but could only be administered every 3 hours - so I started resting/sleeping for 2 hour chunks, waking in pain and watching the clock till my next dose but that was tolerable. Meanwhile, the doc came in (this was right after I got painkillers, and J ran home to get clothes as she has to work at 4 a.m. so I was alone and whacked out) - to tell me I'd almost certainly require surgery in the morning to put in a stent to allow the stone to pass. She said "We can't leave you this way." I was cut off from water or food at midnight.

So when J returned I told her about surgery and she was shocked (I was too, well, as shocked as you can be on drugs that make you not care about anything) - so she arranged for my sister to come in case I needed surgery since J had to be at work (the manager of that shop was out drinking, so she didn't trust him to cover for her as he was drunk when she called at 11:30 p.m....). This was stressful but I was kind of like "whatever we have to do - keep the baby safe and stop this agony." The nurse I had was awesome and kept up on my meds, but kept saying "no one has ever passed a stone in my 20 years ... I've never seen one." Thanks for the pep talk, Mary.

Well they were hydrating me like mad via IV, and gave me a pill to relax my ureter, and so I was peeing a LOT more which was great. I woke up around 5:30 a.m. with no pain. Now, the drugs are awesome but you still feel pain, just not so bad that you can't handle it. At this point - it was totally GONE. I tried to put off the next dose of meds, suggesting maybe I passed the stone, but Mary said "we're on top of it now so it's best to stay that way" and shot me up. Then she checked my pee (she strained it all) after the shot and I hear her say "Huh?!" from the bathroom. She got her charge nurse and low and behold, I managed to pee out the 3mm stone!! They came over and showed me and congratulated me. Apparently my stone made the rounds because all the nurses had never seen one that passed! (They do high-risk OB, and basically push you to surgery ASAP, minimizing your chance to pass it on your own like a non-pregnant person might be able to do given enough time).

The urologist came at 6:30 a.m. and said, "well I have all the consents for the surgery you no longer need" :). She gave me follow-up instructions and basically I will likely need to get some treatment after the baby is born. It's not uncommon to develop stones in pregnancy, and I even went for an "all clear" CT scan in June last year before we tried again to be sure nothing was amiss and I didn't have stones then. They did a 40-minute monitoring of the baby, had me eat a few times and then discharged me around 2:30.

The good out of this:
  • I got a dry run of going to L&D
  • I had a great experience there - everyone did what they said they were going to do, set expectations and gave us consistent messages
  • I was in the high-risk OB ward, and realized how lucky I was! One woman just delivered twins after 65 days of hospital bed rest; and my nurse had two patients on magnesium for high blood pressure/pre-e who she had to help pee because they were a fall risk. My kidney stone was small potatoes.
  • The food wasn't bad, once I was allowed to eat and surgery was off the table I had both lunch and dinner; and J had lunch too ($8)
  • My urologist, MFM, MFM fellow, and both nurses I had told me kidney stone pain actually surpasses labor pain! So now labor will be a breeze, right? (says she who wants an unmedicated birth but was begging for drugs on'll see). My MIL texted at the time, having had both, that she would birth 100 babies over 1 kidney stone attack.

Oddly, I hardly was worried about the baby - I think because she was monitored right away and I could feel her moving. J told me she was terrified about the baby more than anything, but thankfully she concealed that worry from me because she didn't want me more stressed or worrying about her. I think I was in too much pain to think about anything else, and I felt very safe with the hospital and doctors.

Anyhow, that is my story! It was quite an ordeal and I am happy to put time between me and that experience! I'm dealing with the aftermath of my narcotic binge - itchy, constipation expected - but overall, phew. I'm just so glad that is OVER.

Thanks for listening/reading!!! :)

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Re: AW: I went to L&D and all I birthed was a 3mm kidney stone...

  • Wow!!!! What an unexpected event! That is amazing, I'm so sorry you went through it, but congrats on passing the stone and avoiding surgery!! Sounds like given the circumstances you had the best possible outcome and it's great to read that the L&D team took such awesome care of you. Can you even imagine going through this in the ER? Get some rest and yes, put time between yourself and that experience. You made it, Simone made it, and welcome to the third tri!! I hope it's far more quiet and predictable from here on in!

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    Holy cow! I am sooooo sorry you had to endure this, but so very glad that you and Simone are home and well. You are a rock star for passing it on your own. I hope you can get some rest now! Hugs!

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  • @jrtmom, yes, Swedish - and I was kind of nervous to deliver at the big "machine" but after this, I'm totally comfortable there! I thought of you b/c I know you delivered Henry there. The nurses were all fantastic, agreed!!
    Lil'mamaz was born on Aug 21, 2014! She's PERFECT!

    It's been a long road to here...
    Me (43) and J (45) - same sex couple. And we don't feel 40+!
    June'12 - First RE Visit
    Sept. '12 - Tubes removed
    Dec. '12 - Donor Egg/Donor Sperm IVF Cycle - 4 good embies!
    Dec. '12 - Fresh transfer, BFP! EDD 8/29/13
    Mar. '13 - Missed m/c at 16w1d, baby boy stopped growing at 15w4d
    Loss due to umbilical cord was perfect. :(
    Jul '13 - FET#1 - c/p
    Sept. '13 - FET#2 - BFN
    Dec.' 2, 2013 - FET#3 with our last chance embie - BFP!!!
    Dec' 26, 2013 - hb!!
    EDD 8/20/14 with a baby girl!
    Little S was born on 8/21/14 - 8lb, 14 oz and 20 inches long.
    We live in Seattle and used SRM for our donor egg IVF cycle


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  • I'm glad everything is ok!  At least now you know what you'll be in for (at the hospital) for L&D...though unfortunate that this was how you had to see it all.  

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    11/14/14 -  Second HSG shows that tubes are still clear and ute is looking good. 

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  • Only you, my dear.  But I am very glad all turned out well in the end.
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  • I am so glad that all is well now.  That really stinks you had to go thru that.  You are such a trooper!
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  • I am glad you were able to pass the stone without needing surgery.  I like to think our bodies do their best to take care of us (even if it was your body that got kidney stones in the first place) and knew it needed to pass the stone without surgery.  Sorry you had to go through such a scary ordeal and so much pain but glad everything turned out well.

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  • What a rockstar. :)  Really glad you powered through so well, and baby S, too!

    37, married to my favorite person in the world, DW! One darling surfer-girl (12) and one darling, sweet boy born 3/16/13.

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  • Wow! I do not envy you in the least!!!! I'm glad it is over now and that you're on the other side and can appreciate what you just accomplished. Also glad that Simone is doing great.
    ****loss discussed*****

    We're queer. I'm 33, have severe stage 4 endo, and had both fallopian tubes removed. My love ("Manada" on the boards, 32) was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve. We did Partner IVF (my eggs, her uterus). We lost our twins Tavin and Casey at 21 weeks gestation.

    Our IUIs
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  • Kidney stones are the WORST!!! I have a rather hilarious kidney stone story if you're ever interested! You are so strong!

    Queer coupled and having a BABY with the love of my life! Love my life and wouldn't have it any other way!
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    C began IUI's
    7/23/2013 C's first IUI BFN, 8/21/2013 C's second IUI BFN , Took a break in September and October, 11/05/2013 C's 3rd IUI (TWW...we meet again...) BFN, Took off the month to switch to an RE. 01/01/2014 C's 4th IUI...BFP!!!!!!!! Beta #1- 17, Beta #2- 34, Beta #3-140....  6W Ultra-Sound Reveals nothing in Gestation Sack... Natural M/C at 7W, 2/3/2014

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  • Yikes, mama! Glad you are seeing the positives in the situation. As for the pain - not gonna lie - childbirth hurts like hell, BUT it's pain (not suffering) with a purpose. Like your MIL, I would go through it a 100x over experience some of the worst pain/suffering I've been through it my life. Kinda like running a marathon. DURING you're wondering what the hell you got yourself into and think it's the dumbest thing you ever decided to do and want it all to stop. Immediately (well, shortly) after, you're wondering when you can do it again. Magic of hormones!
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  • JazibelJazibel member
    First of all I'm glad to hear that you and Simone are okay.  But wow what an experience!  It's not fair to have 2 full blown "labor-like" experiences so close to each other. You're my new hero. ;-)  I love how you always look at the bright side of life @2mamazinseattle.  And that your "takeaways" are that you've chosen the right place to bring Simone into this world, with great facilities and kind nurses and doctors (plus the bonus of decent food!). Here's to an uneventful 3rd trimester for you and J to get ready to meet Simone in person.  I can't wait to read about your L&D visit part deux in a couple of months.

  • Glad everything went okay, it doesn't sound fun at all. I hope you and Simone get to have an uneventful 12ish more weeks. 

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  • Ugh, that totally sucks to get a kidney stone while pregnant. So glad things are better... Here's to a hopefully less exciting remainder of your third trimester!
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    IUI #2 with trigger, 2/1/13 BFN
    IUI #3 with tigger, 2/28/12 BFP EDD 11/21/13
  • Holy cow! Everytime I see this, I think, at our first ultrasound our baby was only 6mm.... Crazy! Hope you are getting some good rest!

    Baby Hayden Frances born 12/20/14 at 11:11 a.m...  Our perfect little miracle.  Here's how we got here:

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    IUI #7- 8/21- Not monitored, 50mg Clomid- BFN

    September and October: Missed Cycles due to vacation and a Half Marathon

    IUI #8- Monitored and triggered on day 15, with one 23x18mm follicle- BFN on 11/19/2013

    December:  Moved onto to see an RE to make a good plan.

    IUI #9- 1/1/2014 Natural Cycle, BFP on 1/15/2014,  6W Ultra-Sound Reveals nothing in Gestation Sack... Natural M/C at 7W, 2/3/2014

    IUI #10 3/21/2014- Natural Cycle- BFP on 4/1/2014 (please don't be an April Fools.  Beta #1 13dpiui- 48, Beta #2 16dpiui- 416, Beta #3 1018...

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