Pregnant after a Loss

AW: We're Somewhat Out!

Yesterday we went and told dh's grandparents. One grandma was so excited for us, it was unreal! She even talked about her loss (which is huge since she's 76)!

The other grandma didn't really have a strong reaction, but she's happy. I think the loss stuff makes her uncomfortable since she's 86.

Then we tracked down one of dh's uncles & told him in person, he was excited in his own way, it was cute! Next I called one of my aunts & a cousin. The rest of our family will find out from our mom's or when they see us.

Eeeeeek!! Facebook will be in another 2weeks & I'm trying to figure out how to word it because my story is going on there too. O.M.G.


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Re: AW: We're Somewhat Out!

  • nyg2042nyg2042 member
    Congrats on sharing your fantastic news.  It is scary, but so very exciting.  Enjoy every second!


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  • Congratulations! Going public is scary but so exciting! My FB announcement also acknowledged our losses. I used a picture that said we were expecting a rainbow this year and used a quote explaining what a rainbow baby is. It's such a personal decision, I think the most important thing is that it feels right for you and DH.
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  • Lots of love, lady!!!!  Congrats on taking this step, it's scary but exciting, too!
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  • megbmegmegbmeg member
    Congrats on announcing! I'm glad you got some fun responses. 

    I think it is a really amazing idea to include your story along with your news. I hadn't thought of that with announcing, but now I'm curious. It feels better to me to acknowledge everything, but not sure how you pull that off. I'll have to think it over, I guess.
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  • That's so exciting! Congrats!
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  • E&B0811E&B0811 member
    Congrats dude! I'm so happy for you and baby kmw. I'll be spying to see what you do for your announcement to incorporate your losses....


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  • Congrats on coming out!! So scary, but also relieving and exhilarating! Good luck with FB. Make sure you show us that announcement :)

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  • I am so happy for you!!!  Please do share your announcement when you make it!! :D

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  • Yay!!! So excited for you!!!
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  • Congrats on announcing!! That's awesome. :)
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  • rmpar29rmpar29 member
    YAY!!!  I'm so glad that you are telling people.  Congrats honey!
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  • So exciting and scary!!! Eek!! We won't be doing a fb announcement (if we make it that far) until MAYBE after the birth. When (if) the time comes we decided we were just going to acknowledge the fact we had a long heart breaking road and mention this baby is our rainbow. Those who pick up on it do, and those who don't, don't. We aren't open with our loss so we aren't fully comfortable giving details.

    @Qfrump‌ I just spit my coffee out when I saw Kermie!


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  • That is very exiting!! I thought it felt good to be "out" to my family. I can't wait to see your fb announcement.
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  • Yay! It's scary, but nice to have it out in the open!!!

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