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Vent/Rant: Insurance

Sorry, I just need to vent/rant about this.  So, DH and I are moving when I'll be 23 weeks.  I've had health insurance through my employer here in CO, but the insurance I have here does not exist where we are moving (TX).  Therefore, I can't use it to see my new OB when we move.  So, of course, I thought it would be relatively easy to get new insurance that will cover me in TX.  WRONG. 

I'm so upset I feel like crying.  I called the benefits person at my current employer and she told me that I cannot cancel the insurance I have despite my relocation.  I have to have it through the end of July.  I was upset because I'd rather have my money than useless insurance, but that is life I thought.  So then, I'm in the process of applying for new health insurance and found out today that the new insurance won't accept me because I'll still have my current insurance.  Que major freak out.  I will need to see my OB at least twice before the end of July in TX.  I was told that MAYBE they will let me have the new insurance if I explain the situation to the underwriter.  But not for sure.  My sort-of step-father/insurance agent said we might have to appeal and fight them before I'll get insurance in TX.  Great. 

I don't why I can't get insurance that will actually cover me in TX when my current one wont.  Who came up with this?  The only other thing I can think of to do is to see if I can change plans through my employer to the more expensive one assuming I can use that one in TX, cancel this application, and try again to switch in August.  Or I guess we might just have to pay for the appointments out of pocket.  In any case, I'm very upset and disturbed.
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Re: Vent/Rant: Insurance

  • megbmegmegbmeg member
    How frustrating! And crazy!
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  • I'm sorry, it sounds like such a pain in the butt. We will be moving out of state around the same time and I didn't even think about the insurance stuff

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  • Ugh, I'm so sorry you're going through this.  Insurance is definitely a topic that I know very little about so I'm of no help other than to give ((((hugs)))).  I hope there's an exception rule written somewhere and/or you're able to adjust your plan so that you get coverage in TX before August.
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  • What a load of crap! I'd be so irritated!

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  • Oh that's so awful!!!! I hope that you can figure out a way to make it all work. That seems so unfair.
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  • KJsbabeKJsbabe member
    Wow that just plain sucks! I'm sorry you're going though this. Does your husband's employer offer any insurance that might work?
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  • @KJsbabe DH is in the same situation as I am as we have the same CO only insurance.  He has a new job in TX (YAY!!!), but since he is a teacher the new insurance won't start until August. 

    meagpt22 The insurance I have has no out of network coverage unfortunately.  I am only covered for emergencies.
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  • omg that bites.  insurance really is the root of all medical evil.  (well, money is, but insurance is an offshoot.)  i hope you can get it ironed out.  i delivered my son on my former employer's insurance (through COBRA)...they were switching providers and the last day of the first provider was 3/31, with the new insurance kicking in on 4/1.  wouldn't you know, i went into labor and delivered on 3/31.  so i had the first insurance covering day 1 the hospital but nothing else because "the policy expired", and the second insurance claiming they didn't have to cover days 2 and 3 because i checked in before that policy took effect.  it took over a year, but i got it straightened out (insurance #1 had to cover it all because the "incident" occurred before the insurance expired).

    is there any way you can take a trip back to CO to see your OB in that time?  if it came down to it, it might be more cost effective to just pay for the standard prenatal visit OOP rather than paying for extra insurance.  what a sucky situation.
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  • PmmamaPmmama member
    What a pain in the ass! I hate insurance companies for so many reasons and this is my newest reason! Good luck to you~ hope it works out!
  • Ugh, how annoying! I would be frustrated too! Wish I had some advice for you, but this is beyond the scope of my insurance knowledge.
  • rmpar29rmpar29 member
    I'm so sorry that you are going through this.  I agree...this is crap!  I have no advice, just (((((HUGS))))
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  • I hate insurance so much.  I'm a medical provider and I think that the insurance companies are a bunch of a-holes.  They pull so much crap that puts patient care in jeopardy.  I don't have much advice, other than to make sure you take down the name and id number (they won't give you their last name, so an id helps you know exactly who you talked to) of who you talk to and what they said.
    Would it be possible to have a last appt under your current insurance with your current OB on the very last day before you move, and then see a new OB under your DH's insurance on Aug. 1?  It might not be right on schedule (and I'm not sure about your medical hx) but maybe the OBs would be willing to work with you through it?
    Good luck!  I hope you can get things straightened out with a minimal amount of stress. 

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