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Seriously, WTF else can go wrong?!!!??

DD is 4 weeks old today. Since she was born, our dog died, DS got hit in the face with a lacrosse ball and had to get stitches and then 30 minutes ago DH calls to tell me he plowed into the back of someone going 60 miles an hour and his car is likely totaled. I should not be pissed but he is the most distracted driver and I am sure he was messing with his radio or looking at his phone, although he says he wasn't. So now I've got to deal with this crap today. Meanwhile we have no food because DH somehow cannot find time to go grocery shopping and DS has a half day today so I have to pick him up in4 hours.


Re: Seriously, WTF else can go wrong?!!!??

  • All I can say is hugs...
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  • He rear-ended someone at 60mph? Yikes, I'm glad he's ok! Try to keep things in perspective. :)

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  • Wow. I'm glad yh is ok. That's scary.

    Sorry you are dealing with all of this. I hope that things start going better for you and your family.
  • I know, I know. I should be happy he is ok and not mad at him. I just can't deal with this crap right now and like I said, I am constantly telling him to pay attention when I am driving with him so I am sure this is 100% his fault. He is in the city, so I have to drive to get him and then we have to figure out what we are going to do about a car.

    He is also the person who hit DS with the lax ball when they were playing catch so while that was an accident, that incident was his doing as well.


  • oh geez! big hugs mama!! good luck
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  • I'm glad YH is ok.
    I'm sorry you are going through this!!
  • Glad that DH wasn't hurt, but man, it's hard enough to adjust to life with a newborn without all of the other crap! Hope things calm down for you guys and that you and DH can get on the same page. 

  • @Ooopsbaby14‌ - that is what I am hoping. DH is fine and only one of the people in the other car was hurt.


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