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Nervous, not great appointment and minor car accident.

I know. I suck at life, I've been neglecting the bump and my IRL friends, too. I'm a teacher and a student and I can't WAIT until the end of June!!! I will have so much more time. Who's with me??

In other news, I had two bad things happen. 1) I had a checkup on Friday, and the doctor tried to find the baby's HB on a Doppler (or whatever that thing is called that's not quite an US and I know some people have at home. Heck, I have one, but I'm not pulling out out anytime soon). ANYWAY, she couldn't find it. I'm only 9 weeks, and she said that might happen, but it still has me worried as all hell. Did anyone else have this experience and have everything turn out ok? She scheduled me for a viability ultrasound on Thursday, because she said it would be cruel to make me sit and wait another month for my next appointment. I do like her.

2) I got into a minor car accident on Saturday, too. I hit a parked car. In my own driveway. Wtf. I can't believe it. It was hard enough for me to be scared, but not hard enough for me to go to the emergency room or anything. I think it's fine, because I haven't been bleeding although I did have some cramping, but that's been happening all week. Could be very normal, I know.
< br> What an effing week. Any of your thoughts or suggestions on either of these things would be awesome. You rule. Thanks for reading this far. If I could, I'd insert a picture of watermelon here. It's all I've been craving, and I assume that's true for all pregnant women, of course.

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Re: Nervous, not great appointment and minor car accident.

  • E&B0811E&B0811 member
    Oh lady! What a week. I'm sorry about the appointment. Honestly, I can't believe they even tried the Doppler at 9w. At that point baby is so far down behind your pelvic bone that it would take some kind of miracle for the Doppler to be able to pick up the hb. (((hugs))). I'll be thinking of you this week and sending lots of t&p for an awesome scan.


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  • Oh no!  Regarding the doppler, my doctor didn't even try it at 9w because she said there was a good chance we wouldn't hear the hb and I would freak out.  I think all will be well at your u/s, but I will keep my fingers crossed!

    And I'm sorry about the car accident!  Sounds like it didn't do any bodily damage (I mean to you, not your car or the other one!), so that is good.

    As for the school year...I'm not a teacher now but I used to be, and I can remember what that least month or two feels like.  Hang in there lady!  Get yourself some watermelon!

    Mmmmmm, watermelon.
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  • That is awful, I'm so sorry you're having such a rough week!  

    Try not to worry about there not begin a h/b... we weren't able to find LO's at my 9 week appt.  I found it at home at 10 weeks.  Are you buying a doppler for home use?   I am pleased to see that your doctor was sympathetic though, and is sending you for an u/s.  I'll pray for you that LO was just hiding in there, and that all is well.

    All of my accidents have been parking accidents.  ALL of them.  3 have happened while pregnant.  I drive DH and myself crazy.  I was 7 weeks pregnant when I hit a post the last time, and LO is just fine. FX the car repairs aren't too bad!  From my experience, the smallest ding can cost a lot of money to repair.  We have a small scuff on our front bumper, and one on our back bumper (both from me, both times I was pregnant) and it will be $1400 to repair them!  I'm lucky I'm pregnant of DH would kill me :P

    FX everything goes well on Thursday.  Praying things get better for you!

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  • mmsweeney1mmsweeney1 member
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    My doctor couldn't even find the heartbeat on the Doppler at 12 weeks, so don't worry about that! It depends how low your baby is sitting, and I think 9 weeks is early anyway.

    ETA: I am a middle school counting down to the end of the year too. Things get so crazy at this time!!

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  • E&B0811 said:
    Oh lady! What a week. I'm sorry about the appointment. Honestly, I can't believe they even tried the Doppler at 9w. At that point baby is so far down behind your pelvic bone that it would take some kind of miracle for the Doppler to be able to pick up the hb. (((hugs))). I'll be thinking of you this week and sending lots of t&p for an awesome scan.

    Seriously? That is really helpful news. I just read another post with someone who is finding it at home at only 11 weeks and that made me even more nervous....

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    Missing my little one lost at 9 weeks on 2.24.13. brokenhearted but not broken... 

    d&c 5/21/13... Still Healing, Still Standing... 

    MMC discovered 10/2/2013, TWINS... d&c 10/7/2013.  I still miss you, little ones. 

    Surgery December 2013 to remove a 10+cm fibroid... Open myomectomy. Benched for 3-9 months... 
    Will TTC summer Summer 2014 we hope!

    Dear God, Since I couldn't hold my little one in my lap and tell him about you, could you hold him in your lap and tell him about me? 

    PgAL and PAL always welcome...
  • That's awful. I'm sorry that you're having such a rough week. I don't really have any advice, but just want to offer ((hugs)).
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  • megbmegmegbmeg member
    I'm glad you've got an u/s this week because it sounds like you are due for some happy news. I don't think the doppler or the car accident sound like anything to worry about, though I completely sympathize b/c I know it's impossible not to worry. My doc won't even try the doppler until 12 weeks b/c she says it's so easy to miss and not worth the anxiety. Hang in there til Thursday!

    I'm a teacher too and I completely get it about waiting til June. I am counting the days! 4 more days of instruction + 4 finals to give. So close!

    ps - can't send you a real watermelon, but here's this :)
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  • My OB won't use the doppler before 10-11 weeks because he said it is too hard to find earlier than that. Sorry that you didn't hear it - fx that the u/s shows that it was just too early to use the doppler. 

    Sorry about the car accident!! I think so long as you don't have bleeding and cramping, you are ok. Plus - they can't do more than the u/s that you are scheduled for on Thursday already.
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  • Sounds like quite the week. So sorry. I had the same thing happen to me at my 10 week ultrasound. My NP couldn't find the heartbeat but I did at home on my own doppler a few hours before. She then gave me an ultrasound and all was fine. I'm now about 15 weeks so I think it was probably just too early to find on the doppler there at that point because baby is still very small. If you are concerned perhaps they can squeeze you in for a quick look via ultrasound?
  • 9 weeks sounds crazy early. Sending good vibes for Thursday.

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  • I am so sorry.  First I am surprised they tried the Doppler at 9 weeks, mine had a hard time at 12 weeks finding the heartbeat.  Wait to see how the US sound goes, I would believe that more.

    As for the car accident so so sorry, that Must have been scary.  

    Do not worry about not being on here often, honestly I have not either  oh wait guess what!!! I am a teacher too!!! lol  It has been crazy at school and I have an hour commute by the time I come home I am tired and I am usually bumping on my phone and that drives me crazy.  

    Now I might be out of school til the end of the year.  We get out June 6, I was so hoping to make it.  Well  I have been swelling and just uncomfortable.  Going to talk to Dr tomorrow.

    To top it off I heard a pop over my rib the other day and it has been so sore I ended up talking off work on Friday.  I decided to go to the walk in clinic yesterday, come to find out I have either a cracked rib or really bruised rib.  Just what I need at 35 w pregnant.    

    Do not beat yourself up.  try to relax, I know it is tough especially with the end of the school year coming.  Try to relax your body a bit maybe some epsom salt baths maybe that will help you feel better from the small car accident.

    I feel you, keep us posted on the US results!!!

    Thinking of you!!!

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  • kibyloukibylou member
    I am glad you get to have an ultrasound this week so you can stop worrying. My dr said they always schedule after 10 weeks and so grimes don't hear the hb until 12 weeks. I am really hoping to hear it at my appt at 10 weeks or I'll be in the same boat. FX for a great update on Thursday!
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  • (((Big Hugs))) for a really stressful week! 9 weeks definitely seem early to use the Doppler. My OB hasn't tried until about 12 weeks in the past. Sending you lots of positive vibes for a great scan on Thursday!
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  • KMW08KMW08 member
    ((Hugs)) I agree with PP's. 9wks is waaaayyy early to find a hb on a Doppler--it seems to be common for docs to start using the Doppler somewhere in the 12-14 wk range.

    To try to help ease pgal brain here's a comparison: Your baby is the size of an olive with a heart smaller than a grain of rice, hiding somewhere with a surface area of a slice of pizza + the depth & hard bony areas of your pelvis hiding LO=Incredibly hard to pinpoint.

    That being said, still sending you growing vibes & GL for your upcoming US.

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  • Really surprised that she would have tried the Doppler at 9ish weeks, never mind making you think that it's remotely abnormal to not be able to hear it at that point. Mine won't even try that until your second appt with her, so well after 12 weeks! Sorry about the accident! What a crappy week! And I am RIGHT there with you in the teacher/student/waiting on the end of the year! End of June can NOT come soon enough!
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  • Oh hun, you have been having a rough week.  I wish I could just reach through the computer and give you a creepy internet stranger hug.  FX that all is well at your u/s.  I am a little surprised though that she just didn't go ahead and give you an u/s then given your history. 

    As for the car accident, LO is so protected in there.  I was in a car accident at 30 weeks and LO is still cooking 8 weeks later.  My dr said a good rule of thumb is that if you aren't bruised, then baby is fine.

    HUGs.  Keep us posted.

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  • rmpar29rmpar29 member
    Oh honey, I'm so sorry you are struggling.  I echo PPs that at 9 weeks it's pretty early and not abnormal to not be able to find the HB using a doppler.  I hope that Thursday comes quickly and that everything is OK!  ((((((HUGS)))))))
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  • I'm sorry you're having such a rough week! ((Hugs))

    In regards to hearing the heartbeat, I agree with the PP's that 9w sounds awfully early for them to try using the doppler. I had a u/s when I was in week 9 but even then the tech just showed me the heartbeat, we didn't try to listen until 10 weeks. And even at 10 weeks they told me not to freak out if we couldn't hear the heartbeat at that point because my ute tilts backwards. I hope you get some peace of mind soon. FX for a great scan Thursday!
  • MrsDLMrsDL member
    While plenty of people can find the hb early, plenty cannot. My Dr's office has a policy where they don't even try until after 12 weeks because it causes unnecessary worry, they have an in-office ultrasound they use prior to 12 weeks to have a look and detect it.  This is my second, and I was able to find it a little after 9 weeks with my home Doppler, I told my doctor and she said "impressive, it's really early to be able to hear it" - I feel she was implying I didn't in-fact hear it LOL but the statement makes me think it's the norm not to hear it until later. 
  • sounds like you're having a bit of a time with murphy (as in murphy's law).  when i was pregnant with DS, my first real appointment was at 9w and change and i BEGGED my doctor to "just try" to find the HB with the doppler because the prep nurse had left one in the room.  she flat-out refused because she said it's so incredibly rare to be able to find it that early because your ute/baby is still down behind your pubic bone, and she didn't want me worrying when she inevitably couldn't find the HB.  i feel like shaking my finger at your doc, but i suppose she made up for it by scheduling you an extra scan this week.  i hope the wait isn't too bad, but really you're in the majority, not hearing the HB on the doppler that early.
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  • When it rains it pours huh?!  I was told that to get  a hearbeat on the Doppler, you have to be 10 weeks or farther.  Good luck. I'm sure everything is fine!!!
  • PmmamaPmmama member
    Hey! Deep breaths! Sorry about your week. I have so many things to tell u about using a Doppler at 9 weeks! Bottom line- too early!!! I had spotting w DS, at 9 weeks- dr tried to use Doppler- no hb. Sent me for u/s 9wks 4 days- there he was. Kicking away! This preg I tried to use one at 12 wks and couldn't find anything! Tried for an hour!! (And I consider myself an expert!) u/s today baby was great! So please! Don't let your Doppler worry you! As for the cramping, that's def normal too at this point. Your uterus is still making room for that little one! Good luck to you and keep us posted!
  • Sorry you are having such a rough start to your week!  With both my pregnancy with (my now 4yo)DD and this pregnancy the doctor had a hard time picking up the heartbeat on the doppler before 13 weeks.  She says I have stubborn kids :)  Both times I was sent for ultrasounds and everything was just fine.  The ultrasound will be good for peace of mind!

  • ((Hugs)) I don't have personal experience with Doppler but from what I've read, it takes a lot longer than 9 wks to find the heartbeat with it. I also recall @libby+nate‌ saying she works in a trauma center and that minor car accidents are generally fine. @libby+nate‌ correct me if I'm wrong. I cannot wait until summer break!! 1.5 weeks to go for me- but that's about 1 week too long!
    Yes! do not worry! First, I want to say my OB did not find mine at 10+3 and then the ultrasound showed I have an anterior placenta and a very active baby! Secondly, I do work in the trauma department and we get pages for patients more frequently than I would like to see (pregnancy brain maybe) and the babe is always safe and sound in a car wreck in their nice little cushion of fluid. We had a patient who forgot to put her car in park at the gas pump. When it started to roll backwards she panicked and got between it and the truck behind her to try to stop it from running into the truck. She literally crushed her entire pelvis, multiple fractures, surgeries and will have to deliver c-section. There on the u/s was an 8 week gestation baby with the heart fluttering away! The body is truly an amazing thing! We were meant for this and our bodies were designed to protect these little lives from traumas. 

    (((hugs))) I hope you feel a little better soon. We are here for you!



  • 9w is early to find a hb on doppler. She shouldnt have tried. Took me 40 minutes to find DDs at 9w, not the 40 seconds they look for at appts.

    Glad the accident was so minor!

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