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Stork bite peeling

LO has a "stork bite" on the back of her neck. Lately, the past week or two, the skin there has been flaking/peeling off in chunks. It's larger pieces than her few cradle cap flakes. The skin underneath is new and healthy, just looks like dead skin sloughing off.
The daycare worker brought it up today saying it might be a rash from the Velcro on her bib rubbing. But she's had a stork bite since birth, so not sure if a bib rub would cause a patch of dry flakey skin. Anyone have input or similar issues?

Re: Stork bite peeling

  • I've never heard of them peeling, you may want to put a call into LO's pedi to see if s/he wants to look at it JIC. It could just be the skin is irritated in the same place as the stork bite though.

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    I have a message in to the doc. And ordered $45 of snap bibs. Now what to do with her 21 Velcro bibs!?!? Lol.
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    My Lo has stork bites on her nose and forehead and they aren't peeling, but she does have a big ole melon for a head and her neck folds are red and peeling. I pointed them out to the Pediatrician and she said no big deal just to lotion if it makes me feel better. I don't know if your LO's neck is being rubbed or anything.
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  • My LO is very stork bitey and none have peeled. He has them on his forehead, nose, eyelids and back of his head. I'm guessing it's a coincidence?

    FYI to those that are curious stork bites are capillaries that are stretched. If I squish the skin together a little bit LO's skin goes white. It's expected to go away by the time a baby is two, although the ones on the neck and back of head are more likely to stay. 
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  • LO has one on his forehead. That area is always a little dry and flakey. Coincidence? I don't know. It's never peeled though.
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