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Hi Guys! I have an appointment with my psychiatrist today, so I will get a professional opinion. But...I have had issues with GAD, Bipolar II and OCD. I have been having near panic attacks lately. I was tapered off all of my meds when TTC. I'm wondering if I need to be on something again. I am almost seven weeks pregnant. I am SUPER crabby when I get up in the morning, and I always seem to be yelling. It's not fair to my hubby or my four year old. I also babysit another two year old...I have a lot of stress lately. My job, friends backstabbing, my friend not paying me for babysitting, finding a different kid to hubby isn't bothered by anything, it seems. I hate being the only one that can see the messes everywhere (OCD?) and the only one that WANTS to start getting rid of stuff to prep for baby. We told his parents, and his family is already buying stuff. We have a small two bedroom apartment and a crap ton of stuff. I'm just super stressed about everything and I know it's not good for baby. I've been using the light therapy that my psychiatrist told me to do last time, but it's not helping. I'm always tired and can't sleep, plus I'm always in pain. I have endometriosis. It's not getting better yet...

Sorry for the rant. Anyone on anxiety medication? If so, what kind and does it work? Thanks!!

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  • I'm so glad you're taking steps to talk to your doctor about this. Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean that you have to completely stop taking care of your mental well being. In fact, all that stress (and possibly depression) creates hormones that are not the best for a growing baby. Stress of that level can also very easily impact your health in other ways if you're not feeling up to paying attention to diet, rest, etc. There are plenty of treatment plans your psychiatrist can develop for you that are pregnancy safe!

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  • He wants me to try Expecta. Omega 3 is good for baby and good for  mood...if that doesn't help enough, he will put me on Latuda, but only when I'm done with the first trimester. It's class B, and relatively new. I'm hoping the omega 3 will help...
  • My doctor opted to keep me on a low dose of Zoloft. My panic attacks are debilitating and the Zoloft (75mg) seems to help. Not an ideal situation but the baby looks healthy and happy and I am glad that I am not freaking out every minute of every day.
  • Yeah...he knows I'm uber paranoid. I don't want to be on anything dangerous. He will wait until at least the second trimester to put me on anything. He suggested I find a different job. I do in-home daycare. I usually love my job, but there's a two year old who's mother doesn't discipline him AT ALL...I use time-outs. It's frustrating. My four year old is picking up his bad habits. Just today, they were throwing blueberries all over the dining room. I swear, I went to the kitchen for two seconds...ugh...
  • I have weaned down off my Lexapro a couple of times -- disaster. I stated in 5mg during my last preg and DS is totally healthy. On 5mg now too and it really helps . I don't take my emergency panic attack meds (Xanax) during pregnancy .

    Taking meds doesn't make you a bad mom. You need to take care of YOU to take care if your baby.






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