Hi all. If you foster did you do anything for birth mom on Mothers Day?

We are fostering to adopt. Do you have a relationship with birth parents? I see both at weekly visitation. I made something for the mother. I couldn't help but think how hard Mother's Day must have been for her.
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Re: Hi all. If you foster did you do anything for birth mom on Mothers Day?

  • Something small like a cute photo in a frame would be nice as I believe you are placed with an infant.
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  • fernanefernane member
    I kind of gave up because I have done things in the past for Christmas, Easter, putting together photo albums, etc. With little to no response. It made me feel like she didn't appreciate them, so I didn't bother this time. I did see that a couple of people told her happy mothers day on fb and her response was "what about it sucks for me" 
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  • CheleChele member
    I bought a necklace with the girls' names on it but haven't given it to her since she canceled the visit prior to Mother's Day. Maybe I'll give it to her at a later time.
  • We currently have a 6 yr old and I have met mom one time in the 5 months the child has been with us. We have a hearing for TPR next week, so I knew this would be her last Mother's Day with N. We went and got pictures taken (N's idea) and made a collage of 5 of the pictures around a picture of a chalkboard where N had written "Happy Mother's Day". We put it a nice but inexpensive frame.
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  • Our baby is not due until July and since her state frowns upon gifts we just sent a nice card.
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