Home visit and other children?

We are just getting started with the adoption process (the child is a family friend's toddler relative that we have not met) and need to have our home visit. My parents have offered to watch our younger kids overnight during the initial home visit so that we could do the interview and home tour without having them underfoot. Our oldest (7) would be home in case they needed to talk with him as well.

Is this appropriate or would it be an issue if they weren't here for the home visit?

Re: Home visit and other children?

  • I agree.  Our social worker expects to see everyone, at least for part of the visit.  It might be okay with your worker for your parents to stop-in to pick-up your kids, but I'm guessing they'd like to at least meet them and maybe chat with them for a short while.
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  • Our agency needs everyone there. She said the home interview isn't so much interview as a visit, especially when there are young kids involved. The real interviewing part happens during the office visits. Definitely ask your agency what they need.
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    I used to do foster home study visits.  In our state 3 visits with the parents were required.  One of those visits had to take place in the home and all of the people living in the house were required to be present.  I had to interview anyone in the home who had the ability to communicate.  

    We also had an adoption department.  They too had to meet with all of the household members, including adult children who no longer lived in the home.  If the child lived over a certain distance away they could do a phone interview.  
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