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Not high risk, but work leave question:

OB has informed me that I need to go part time (35weeks with twins).
So if I am working half of what I was before, does this mean that when I go out for FMLA when babies come I will only be compensated for STD at my new part time rate?
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6/13: IVF #1 (1AA blast & 1BB blast) = BFN 
8/13: FET #1= BFN
10/13: FET #2= BFP!!!

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Re: Not high risk, but work leave question:

  • That all depends on your employer. I would check with HR and your boss about the terms scaling back to part time due to doctors orders and then go from there.
    AJC&Maggie[Deleted User]
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  • I am a working mom. I agree... it depends on your employer and you should check with HR. For me, I wasn't able to get my STD until after I gave birth. Any time off prior to that, I had to use either my sick and/or personal leave. For example, I started my maternity leave a week before my induction. So I had to take a week of personal leave time. The way mine works is I have to use personal time first, then sick leave as an example.
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