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Looking to switch Obgyn, want a new doctor affiliated with St. Luke Roosevelt - 14 weeks pregnant

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Hi all, I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant and lives on the UWS. I have a obgyn in the area but thinking of switching. The main reason is because I feel that I'm being rushed at all of my visits and each meeting last 10mins or less (5mins more likely). I assume that is not enough time to get to know the expecting mom and any changes since the prior visit. She also did not get back to me about my NT test result in a timely manner, had to track her down twice. 

I hope you all can understand my frustration as I'm already past my 1st trimester and really want an obgyn who is patient and willing to listen and answer questions without making me feel that I'm taking too much time from her. I think I'm happy with Roosevelt and heard good things about their birthing center (I want to go all natural), so I'm okay with sticking with the hospital. So I would love to hear recommendations for obgyn affiliated with Roosevelt. Of course any highly recommended doctors for Presbyterian or NYU are welcomed too. Thanks much!  

Re: Looking to switch Obgyn, want a new doctor affiliated with St. Luke Roosevelt - 14 weeks pregnant

  • I am currently thinking about switching my provider to one affiliated with Roosevelt Hospital as well.  I have received a recommendation about Dr. Allegra Cummings, so I will be seeing her next week.  I was very impressed with the receptionist when I called, even when I was rattling on the phone and may have been confusing!  I will keep you posted on my experience!  Also, I was also referred to Dr, Patrick as well...
  • Thank you so much for the reply! Looking forward to hear how it goes, good luck!
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  • This is my 2nd pregnancy, and Dr. Katrina Bradley has been my OBGYN for both. I adore her and her office. She is very practical and although appointments can be short (especially once you are there once a week), I have never felt rushed or like she was not willing to sit and answer any and all of my questions. Her office staff is also great from helping reschedule appointments to listing off what allergy medicines you can and can't take while pregnant. She is very supportive of the birth center at SLRH as well. I can't recommend her highly enough. 
  • Thanks and I will keep you posted!! @knirish1-I had heard Dr. Bradley was great too, glad you had a great experience with her!!

  • My doctor is Allegra Cummings and I love her! She is amazing and my husband really likes her as well. I never feel rushed, she always listens to my concerns, and is available by email. She was my regular gyno before I got pregnant and I'm so glad I found her.
  • I go to Dr. Michelle Francis (St. Lukes/Roosevelt). She is amazing - so sweet. Her wait times are VERY long, but just go in expecting it b/c she's worth it. I never ever feel rushed and she always answers allll my questions, and she's very patient.

  • I see Dr Henry at Grand Central OBGYN. There are 2 other doctors there as well and they deliver at ST Luke's Roosevelt but I am not sure if they deliver at the birthing center. They are all wonderful... I had my first child with them and will also have my second with them.
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  • I'm 38 weeks now, planning to deliver at the birthing center at st lukes. I switched at about 18 weeks from my prior obgyn at NYU to a new practice that delivers at the birthing center. I
    Didn't have many options at the time as most obgyn/midwife groups I contacted wouldn't take me that late in pregnancy as a new patient but I did find one and I've been pretty happy there. It's the office of Dr. Renuka Paka, he's right across from the hospital. She's the obgyn and there's a couple midwives there. The nurses are wonderful and sweet. Dr. Paka is also very nice although I only met with her twice since I'm a midwife patient. My favorite midwife there is Sabine but they're all nice ( only 2 now because 1
    Left) so it's overall been a good experience.
  • Not all OBs associated with SLR are authorized to deliver in the birthing center. Definitely confirm when scheduling your appointment. The SLR website has a list of providers (OBs and midwives) who can deliver in the birthing center.
  • Hello!  Finding an OB that you feel comfortable with can be challenging. I am the owner of City Births and we provide education to new and expecting parents.  I am also a Cert Doula and have been a births at almost all the major NYC hospitals. 
    First the poster above is correct, not all OBs will go to birth center, actually very few do so if you want the birth center as an option make sure to ask and read bios, most bios will say if they support Birth Center Birth or not, but still ask.
    I know all the OBs above, they are all lovely, I went to Dr. Bradley and know her the best, she is very kind and passionate about her work.  She has two kids or her own and really understands what it is all like going through a pregnancy.  The down side is since pretty much everyone is in practice you never know who you will get so have a look at what people say about the partners in the groups.  Happy to answer more questions, feel free to reach out.

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