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Dancing Baby

Had my 15/16th week check up today. As nurse was trying to take LOs heartbeat baby would not stop moving. Lol. As soon as she would catch it as LO would move. I can't wait for these next 21 days to be over with so I can find out if baby is a boy or a girl.

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    Congrats on the dancing baby! Mine is wiggly, too.

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    Same thing happen with my LO when I went for NT. The nurse was so frustrated and asked what I ate. I told her I was guilty for having French toast and turkey bacon before the appt. She was so upset she said "that baby is going to where you out when he gets here!" Come to find out, LO was a he :D
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    My LO did that yesterday. Took quite a bit to find her little heart beat, but it was going at 154 when she did find it. I love how you can hear them swishing around in there.
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    lrobi13lrobi13 member
    Funny!  My little guy was jumping around on Monday (but I did drink some juice to help ensure that baby would be a bit more lively)
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