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Can't believe I'm saying this but...

I want AF to show up so I can have the knowledge that my insides might actually work! It's been 3 months since she appeared last and right now I feel like she might make an appearance. Doc did blood test and it was negative so I am patiently awaiting her arrival.

Re: Can't believe I'm saying this but...

  • I'm feel like I'm always waiting on AF too!
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  • Ditto.
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    I had my own "nightmare cycle" (I actually named it that on FertilityFriend) where I didn't have a period for about 2.5 months. The worst! I was depressed every time I got another BFN (I was testing about twice a week, just in case) and depressed every day my period didn't start. It SUCKED.

    Hopefully your period shows up soon! It will be a huge relief for you!
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  • Hope it comes soon! Sometimes I almost feel sorry for AF (almost) since we have such a love-hate relationship with her. Still, it's nothing that she doesn't deserve, that witch, haha....

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    I know the feeling all too well. I hope she shows up soon for you. Your dr. Can tell by a blood test if you ovulated so if you didn't, maybe you can take Provera to induce AF.

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  • Doc wanted to put me on BC to regulate me but u started again that would be going against all the reasons I am having all this investigated. This is pretty normal for me actually...but I feel like she is actually going to appear this month. And I should make plans that involve something other that my jeans lol. Or awesome vacation plans. Lol
  • She has yet to appear but I have mild cramps, tender BBs, and crabby beyond belief. I feel sorry for my DH. Lol
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