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Boy moms who know the sex of your (gestating) baby please come in

Because my ultrasound is still a month away, I'm kind of a loser and I'm curious what my odds are (yes, I know 50/50, but bare with me).

What is the sex of the fetus you are currently housing in your (or someone's) uterus?

Boy moms who know the sex of your (gestating) baby please come in 98 votes

It's another boy!! Yay for boys!
21% 21 votes
It's a girl!! Yay for a girl!
17% 17 votes
I'm having twins and they're both boys! Holy shit so many boys!
0% 0 votes
I'm having twins and they're both girls! OMG girls!
0% 0 votes
I'm having twins and there's one of each! Yay for balance!
1% 1 vote
I'm having triplets and they are ________s ! Holy shit triplets!
1% 1 vote
I'm a special snowflake, I already have girls, or I just like to click things. YAY FOR BUTTONS!
59% 58 votes

Re: Boy moms who know the sex of your (gestating) baby please come in

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    Not able to vote, but I'm in the same boat with you! Anxiously waiting to find out..
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    lct2008lct2008 member
    I am still anxiously awaiting the answer to this question. I am getting so darn inpatient! Appt on the 30th!
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    3rd boy

    By SIL is 2 weeks behind me with a 3rd boy
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    raynesraynes member
    ^ This!

    We find out what the gestating one is next week, so, redo the poll then.  :)
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    I have a girl who is almost 10 and a boy who is 2 and I'm pregnant with another boy. I'm happy I get to use all my ds clothes again! And they can easily share a room with little additional decorating.
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    3rd Boy!

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    ariel06ariel06 member
    My u/s is on May 28th.  I'm kind of nervous that I might be disappointed if it's not a girl.  But I know I'll be fine with it either way by the time baby is here.  And I've got tons of cute baby boy stuff saved.  
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    colacrockcolacrock member
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    We just found out yesterday that this third baby is a girl! Fx for you! 

    ETA: I know three other couples IRL who have had two boys and then a girl 

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    @breandmikewedding I have a 10 year old girl and a 2 year old boy as well! My a/s is in 2 weeks so we will see how this one plays out.
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    We find out June 2! Seems forever away...
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    We found out our third is a girl via maternit21. I'm still in disbelief, lol. I go to Tuesday for doc appt/US, maybe I will feel differently when I see those infamous three lines. GL!
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    vrj0522vrj0522 member
    We're team pink. So excited! I hope the month flies for you!
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    Hoping baby cooperates to find out next Wednesday at our a/s!
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