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How many wet diapers a day?

Most info on the internet is for newborns, I'm curious how many wet diapers a day your lo has? Have you noticed a decrease since increasing solids?

I'd say my dd has around 6 wet diapers a day, usually 2 poops. She eats solids 4 times a day, probably drinks 4-6 oz of water, 2-4 of wcm or almond milk, and nurses 6-8 times.
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Re: How many wet diapers a day?

  • I probably change him around 4-6 times a day. Now that he's not guzzling 26 oz of formula/day, he definitely doesn't need as many changes.
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    4-6 diapers a day, including poopy diapers.
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  • I track his diapers on my app so 8-10 a day is his norm.

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  • My DD poops like 4-5 times a day so I probably do about 5-6 diaper changes a day. I feel like my DD is constantly wet.
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  • Now that I'm reading this I think the times I changed Cams diapers today they weren't very wet. And he didn't have his normal 2 poops either. Guess I better keep an eye on that.
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  • @christineeberle‌ I'd say about half of my baby's wet diapers aren't all that wet.
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  • @audreyjem‌ normally his diapers are pretty wet/soaked. But now that I think back throughout the day not 1 of them was like that besides the 1 I changed when he woke up this morning.
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  • I'd guess around 5-6 diaper changes now. I probably change every 3 hours on average during the day.
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  • We're about 5-6 diapers a day. She usually poops 1-2 times/day. She has 3 solid meals and maybe a snack or two. Tons of water and 8-10 oz of WCM.

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