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Child Care near E-Town, work from home experience


Does anyone have suggestions for good child care near the Etown area?  I work in Harrisburg so I would need something between Etown and Harrisburg.  I am also toying with the idea of working from home (which is possible with my current job). Does anyone have experience with working from home with an infant?  What are your thoughts and how do you like working from home if you do?  

Thanks in advance!

Re: Child Care near E-Town, work from home experience

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    I worked from home part time (and in my office part time) during my first few months back at work after maternity leave with both of my girls. Both times it was harder to get anything done than I had expected and I basically worked my butt off the days I was in the office to make up for my very low productivity on the days at home! 

    I think it also depends on your baby, so it might be worth it to give it a try but have a back up plan if its not working out well.

    My first baby was especially hard because she was a baby that needed to be held and walked around all the time and hated wraps/carriers and almost never napped.  With my second, who was much more content to just be in the same room with me and took 1-2 hour naps twice a day, it was a bit easier. Also with my second, my mom came to my house the days I worked from home and she would handle the baby anytime the baby wasnt sleeping or nursing and that worked really well.
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