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Anyone's kids share a room?

When did you put them in the same room? My girls are 2 and almost 4. They really like each other, and I'm considering putting them in the same room. Bedtimes might be a little rough the first nights, I'm guessing, but other than that, I can't see a downside.

Do your kids like sharing? I was always jealous growing up that my brothers got to seemed like such fun. My only reservation is that our bedrooms in our house are pretty small...we'll have to put dressers and bookshelves in the other room, but that might be best anyway to minimize the fashion shows and late-night book spread.

Just seeing if anyone has any positive/negative experiences?

Re: Anyone's kids share a room?

  • Our boys are still welcome to sleep with us once we are in bed, but yes--they do have their own room that they share. DS1 asks to sleep with his brother in the same bed, but they don't have the self-control to make that work yet. But, maybe when they are a bit older. We plan for our boys to share a room for the long haul. We do have another bedroom, but we spend most of our time together in shared areas, so sleeping spaces need not be large. We are a fan of the family bed/co-bedding mentality that most of the world outside of Western culture practices. I tell myself that f it's worked for most people for most of history, I'm confident my family can work out the kinks, too. If someday my kids hate it or there are problems, we'll get creative then.
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    My kids have shared a room since my youngest was just shy of 2 (we bed shared with her prior to that still).  They are 3 and 5 and love it.
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  • My girls have been sharing a room and bed since christmas (at that time 2y1m and 4y10mo).  They are sleeping in a twin bed with heads at the opposite sides and it worked really well for a few months then over the past week the 2y/o has been doing the 2y/o thing of coming out of the room a few times 45min over 4 which is not good for her sister who has to go to school in the morning - but I believe this too shall pass.  We move in 6 weeks and plan to set them up with a bunk bed full size on bottom twin on top so that they can have a bigger bed to share or have separate spaces as they desire.

    This arrangement has NOT stopped them from coming to get us on weekend mornings, which is a bummer- ha.
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  • We just moved into a 3 bedroom house and are expecting baby #3. All the bedrooms are small, the two smaller bedrooms are ridiculous, and there's no way both girls and all their stuff would fit.

    So we've put both girls in the master bedroom, so they have a play space as well as a sleep space.

    We are sleeping in one small room, and are treating the second room like a walk-in-wardrobe which will ultimately have a cot in it.

    The girls love sharing a room (they are 2, and 4) and getting to go to sleep together has been no problem.
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    @Regal Mama - thanks. I'm due Nov 21, so not quite 12 weeks along.

    I also meant to say that we opted against bunks because I'm nervous about the girls playing on them unsupervised. We had an incident with a bed rail, on a single bed, where LO was on the bed walking beside the bedrail. She lost her balance and went to put her hand out on the bedrail, but missed it and flipped over the top onto the floor.

    I was right there and had no chance to stop it.

    It's only natural for kids to want to climb on bunks, but the stress of it would kill me :)
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  • I agree, bunk beds make me nervous! I was wondering what age they would be appropriate. Bunk beds would free up a lot of space in our tiny rooms. Our girls are doing really well in separate rooms right now, but if we decide to have a third, we'd definitely need to share. Thanks for your input...taking it all in!
  • All of my children have shared at some point.  My daughter (9 years old) and son (7 years old) shared a room until she was 6.5.  Now my 4.5 yo son shares with the 7 year old.  They have all enjoyed it.  My son and daughter used to chat when the lights went out and when they share a room on at grandmas house they still do.  When the older two shared she was in the top bunk.   We took the ladder down during the day and put it our of reach under the bed.  Now that the boys shared the beds are un-bunked.  The youngest is not old enough for the top bunk and the 7 year old sleep walks.  Sharing a room improved the 4.5 year old's sleep.  He would wake up crying when he was alone and now he wakes up, looks and sees his brother and goes back to sleep.
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