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Share your birth stories!

We'd love to hear your birth stories for an upcoming feature! 

If you had a child within the past year, please complete the information below.


Your full name:
Your birth date:
Your partner’s full name:
City or town you currently live in:


Birth Stats


Baby’s full name:
Boy or girl:
Size at birth:
Hospital or birthing center where you delivered (include name and address):

Delivery room must-have (an item/product/article of clothing that helped get you through labor -- think, fuzzy socks, sweatpants, headphones, white noise machine, etc...):


4-5 events that happened during your labor


We love to get to know a little bit of background on your pregnancy – as well as the events leading up to the biggest day of all (your delivery!). Here’s where we love to have you share:

--How/when you knew you were going into labor (include details on where you were – were you alone? With friends? At a party? At work? Running errands? Who did you call and how did you get to the hospital. Were you not sure you were really in labor? How’d you know it was happening?)

--What did you do immediately after (did you go home and cook dinner? Did you freak out and call all of your friends? Did you ride the bus to the hospital, knowing that your husband would meet you there? When you got to the hospital, what happened? Did you partner meet you there? Were you having contractions really close together or were they still far apart? Did you feel like it was real yet?)

--How did you deliver (include the date and details on how you delivered. Did you deliver naturally? Did you deliver in the car on the way to the hospital? Did you have a C-section? Were the doctor’s worried about baby’s health? Did you have to go to the operating room?)

--What came next (Time to gush about your baby! How long did delivery take and what was it like to finally meet your baby – after imagining it for so long! Did baby have to go to the NICU? What did she/he look like? How were you feeling after birth? Your partner? Were family and friends there waiting?)


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