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Bodhi's VBAC story

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After seeing the doctor at my 38 week appoint she decided that it may be better to induce me at 39 weeks since I have a history of quick labors and some big babies.  So the date was set for April 29th.  
     April 29th arrives and we are postponed until the next day because of the number of moms delivering that day. Not gonna lie I was a little bummed- but my DH and I went out to lunch and just puttered around the house.  The 30th was a go and we went to bed excited for the next morning!!  Little did I know that that it would be a very short night. Around 1am I awoke to contractions that just wouldn't quit so I started timing them. They were already 3 minutes apart and lasting a minute- I hopped in the shower to see if they would slow down or stop, but they continued for an hour. So, I called my mom to watch the kids and we headed in as soon as she arrived.  
     When we were checked in I was still 3cm (same as in clinic), 80% effaced and -2 station.  Since I was still labeled as MRSA positive I wasn't allowed to walk the halls (kinda ridiculous), so we walked in the room for an hour.  Wouldn't you know my contractions completely stalled out! So frustrating, but since I was scheduled to come in at 7 am anyway we were kept and told to keep walking.  Finally at 7 am they decided that if I showered with hibiclense and changed my gown I could walk the halls.  Lucky me!! Walking in your room is not the same as walking the hallways... 
     At 9:30 the midwife came and checked me, I was still the same- so she decided to strip my membranes and send me walking again. Not gonna lie- it was painful!! We went out and walked and had to return every 40 minutes for monitoring. This continued until 1230pm upon which she returned to see if I had lowered him enough to break my water.  I was now at 5cm and "very stretchy" , she also made her guess that the baby was 8#6oz (hey I can do that! I thought) 
     1pm the doctor came in to break my water, I was still 5cm.  I was also told to stay in bed for an hour of monitoring.  This didn't really bring on the contractions as we had thought it would- I started to get a  few around 2pm but they were really spaced out so guess what- more walking!! I swear we walked over 6 miles that day- I stopped taking my fitness tracker with me it was getting depressing that all that walking wasn't helping out as much as it was taking out of me.  
    I went into this delivery with no real pain management decisions made- I have delivered kids before with and without an epidural and I was open depending upon what was happening.  Well, at 330 I was still only 5cm and they wanted to start pitocin. So, after being awake since 1am and still a long way to go I just went for the epidural- I know what pit can do. The epidural went in perfectly- but soon after I started feeling nauseous and had a big drop in blood pressure (76/35) so they gave me some blood pressure meds and it was soon back up to normal. A little freaky to feel like that so quickly. 
   I dilated fairly quickly after that. By 730ish I was ready to push.  I pushed through 4 contractions and out he came at exactly 8pm.  Bodhi Wayne came into the world at 10#10oz and  21.75 in long. WOWZA!!! Apparently I have good birthing pelvis or something- no tearing and no molding on his head.  Of course with my kids they all want their own exciting story...  
   Soon after I delivered the placenta and that is when things got crazy.  They couldn't get the bleeding to stop or slow down, they called in the staff doctor and the anesthesiologist, along with them came about 4 nurses.  Everyone was moving quickly, someone was always pushing on my abdomen trying to get the uterus to contract back down, but once they relieved the pressure it just started bleeding all over again.  I received hemabate, 4 misoprostal pills, 2 bags of pitocin, and methergine (sp?)  within 40 minutes no to mention all the tools that were being used.  They were prepping to take me to OR to to a hysterectomy, but luckily at the end they were able to stop it and kept it stopped by putting a foley balloon to put pressure on it.  It was scary for me, but I felt completely confident in the care of the staff, my DH was completely freaked out watching it all happen.  I ended up losing 2 liters (2/3 of my blood) during the hemorrhage, and had  to be checked every 30 minutes throughout the night--- a long night.  
  Recovery hasn't been too much more difficult, I was on methergine for the first 24 hours, that stuff is viscous! I am still a little weak and definitely not caught up on sleep, but I am alive and I have a beautiful healthy baby boy in my arms!! 

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Re: Bodhi's VBAC story

  • Oh my! That is quite a story! So glad everything turned out okay, congrats on the beautiful new baby :)
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  • Wow. Glad everything ended ok.

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  • Oh my gosh, that is quite a story! I am so very glad you are ok! 
  • WOW!  What a crazy birth story.  So happy to hear all is well now.  Congrats on your newest addition!
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    Congratulations!  So glad to hear LO and you are both doing well after all of that!
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  • Wow, what a story!


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  • :-SS

    How scary! I am glad you are doing well! Oh and congratulations on your new baby boy! 

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    Congrats on your successful repeat VBAC!  And with a 10+ pounder to boot!  Hope you're recovering well now.

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  • Wow! Scary! Glad everything is ok now and you are both doing well!
  • Wow! So glad you're ok! Congrats on your little (BIG) guy! :)
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  • What a scary experience. Glad to hear everything is good now. Congrats!

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  • How scary!  So glad everything turned out alright.  Congratulations!
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  • Holy shit! I don't know that I could have remained calm if my doctor mentioned hysterectomy during delivery. Glad everything worked out for the best and that you and Bodhi are safe and can snuggle all day long. Congrats!


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