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8 week appointment details?

Hi! I'm curious what happens at the 8 week appointment. I'm American and that seems to be the date of the first appt in the US, but I'm currently living north of the border and don't get a first appointment until 11 weeks (blood, gyno exam, ultrasound, who knows what else). It's all free healthcare up here, so I'm not complaining, but I'm wondering what I'm missing compared to if I was home…

Thanks :)

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Re: 8 week appointment details?

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    I had my 8 week appt on Friday, and it was a urine sample, blood sample, cervical exam/culture, dating ultrasound, and general counseling/Q&A. She also have us the info about optional testing, and I set up my next few months' worth of appointments. It sounds like your 11 week will cover all those same bases! It was good the get the due date confirmed so that we knew when to go in for the NT scan and quad screen. However, it doesn't seem like you're missing anything in particular by waiting until week 11!
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    I'm out of town from 8-11 weeks so my first appt isn't until 12 weeks. It will cover all the same things.
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    It will completely depend on the office/doctor.  At 8 weeks all I would get is an internal exam, urine and blood tests and general Q&A.  Only reason I got an early US was because 1) I have a history of loss and 2) I was spotting.  Otherwise no US until the anatomy scan at 20ish weeks.  At the 12 week appt they would start looking for the HB using the doppler.
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    I had an appointment thinking I was 7w pregnant but I was 7w6d. Anyway it was just an U/S and some blood work but we did hear a HB! And the next one is 9w6d when we will do all the screening tests and such.
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