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Seriously?! Messed up dreams?!

I know there may have been a thread already but...

Holy mother of all things Holy!!!
What is up with the dreams ladies??!

I seriously have had to force myself to wake up from not 1, but 2 terrifying nightmares...


Re: Seriously?! Messed up dreams?!

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    I haven't started the nightmares yet. But they were bad last pregnancy. Right now I am in the sex dream and weird dream stage. I'll keep the sex dreams to myself but earlier this week I dreamt that I owed 30,000 delta skymiles and $300 to the mafia for someone else's gambling debt. It's the skymiles that make this dream weird.

    Last night I dreamt I was on a plane and discovered that they no longer have bathrooms unless you are in first class. I tried to go into what I thought was the bathroom, which by the way cost 50 cents, and when I opened the door it was a refrigerator with a couple cans of soda. What followed was me ranting about being pregnant and needing to go to the bathroom. They eventually let me into a first class bathroom and it was huge and Seth Rogan was in there hanging out.

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    They are bad! Last night a doctor placed a PEG tube in me for a same day procedure. I am a Speech therapist and was freaking out!

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    narabugnarabug member
    I don't remember specifics, but about a week ago I had a nightmare that I woke up from three times before I could fall back asleep without going right back into it. I had to force myself to stay awake for about five minutes the last time. That never happens to me. If I wake up from a dream I fall asleep to a different one.
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    I have always had vivid dreams nightly, but yes these ones are weirder. Last night I dreamt I was staying at some park in which the restrooms were these little cots with pee holes that you lay on. Weird... And my airedale was humping another airedale :(

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    I have had one intense sex dream a few nights ago. I actually thought I was having sex while sleeping (one of my fears of not being able to kick someone off me or have control). So when I woke up. I realized that DH was still sleeping and I was fine.
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