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USDA food tracking website

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(edited because for some reason, it posted before I could add anything but the web address :/ )


I found this website a few weeks ago, trying to find a good food tracker. It helps you keep track of your calories AND nutritional needs, and when you set up an account, it will gear your needs for pregnancy. I was using My Fitness Pal, but I didn't trust the calories count it came up for me since there was no pregnancy option (and I was right because it was under by 200) and it didn't really help me figure out if I was eating enough of that or too much of this. It's a little glitchy (no surprise from a govt website) but it's good for helping you estimate your nutritional needs on any given day you are curious.

 I don't use it everyday, but I do use it to figure out what I should have for a snack or dinner (if I didn't come close to enough servings of something)
So far I've figured out that I suck at eating vegetables and protein. I started drinking V8 to make up some of the difference and if I haven't had dinner yet, making sure I eat a salad or something with it and extra meat.

 Using it for a week gave me a good feel for what proper portions were. I haven't dieted for a while so I kinda lost track of what counted as a serving of grains and stuff. I recommend it if you were struggling trying to figure out not just if you were eating enough calories, but if you were lacking something from your diet like me. Don't think my prenatal is going to make up for 3 servings of veggies a day :)  Oh and it tells you if you've gone over on your empty calories for the day. I like that. I don't feel so guilty having an extra scoop of ice cream or giving into my craving for white castles if I've eaten really well that day

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