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Just wondering when most people started their registry or plan to start the registry?? TIA!
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Re: When to register

  • I registered shortly after we found out we were having a boy. We honestly could have registered sooner because all the major stuff we registered for was gender neutral since we planned on having more children. 
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  • One thing to keep in mind if you register too early things get discontinued. I would register about a month before your shower.

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  • I started my registry around 15 weeks and had most of the things I wanted on there around 17 weeks.  We have all the main items -- crib, rocker, sheets, bottles, swing/bouncer, mattress pads, etc -- on there.  Most of that stuff will still be there at the end of July when our shower is.  If we do decide to register for clothes, we won't do that until closer to the shower, since here in Michigan they will have completely swapped all the clothing out by that time. 
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  • I started early on, sometime late in the 1st trimester. DH and I are going to cloth diaper, so as I was researching products I would add what I liked to the registry. It was just easier to keep track of things with preggo brain. We are team green so starting early wasn't an issue for us. We have not told anyone where we have registered yet though, that will come a bit later. It is just an easy way for me to keep track of products that I like right now. 

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    I had my registry completed right before my shower invites went out.  I didn't want a bunch of stuff to be unavailable if I registered too early.


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