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April Stambaugh or Doula recommendation?

Sorry ladies, I know I'm posting a lot but I'm trying to find somewhere/someone that'll listen and respect.

I had my 8week ultrasound and the experience was awful at my currant OB. It wasn't even really happy. My OB didn't so much to say congratulations, I had to ask her to wash her hands and she got kind of nasty and made faces. She ignored me asking what the 2nd looking sac like thing on the screen was. She hasn't time to answer questions and even told me I could take Anything including Milk of Magnesia for Constipation! (Which causes hirrible cramping) She wouldn't even help me with my pre-natals and told me to drop from 1200mcg frolic to 400mcg! That can actually be bad for the baby (to just drop like that)

Before this same Dr and practice caused me soo much anxiety over my previous pregnancy, they so called lost my original ultra sound, refused to look at the copy I was holding. Put down wrong due date not listening to me or the original ultrasound that shows I didn't have a 28 day cycle, I had a 38-40 day. They ignored it again this time too! Based on a non-exsiststant 28 day cycle from my last period in Dec! I'm 9weeks 3days according to ultrasound and opk and when we had sex. This is frustrating.

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