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Stupid preggo brain!

So I just had a freak out for about an hour thinking I was going to miss my nephews graduation because of a stupid mistake. I was trying to figure out how to explain this to my parents who are flying in for this too. I saw a flyer with the graduation date as May 31 while over at my sisters house and flipped out thinking I was flying to Cincinnati that day for a weeklong job I'm taking. Got home, called the travel agency, left a message and stewed. Then a friend who is also going texted me and said, you know we leave on Sunday this year and not Saturday? (We left on sat last year). STUPID PREGGO BRAIN! Called travel agency and left another embarrassed message saying ignore my first message (doesn't help the first message was left in a panicked state). Just glad crisis was averted and it's just another brain fart!

Here's to hoping preggo brain is not causing panic in your lives too! ;) 

Re: Stupid preggo brain!

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    ADH0906ADH0906 member
    I'll laugh along with you, because what else can we do? ;)

    It took me two days to get through a 6-hour online training module this wen, because I would forget the answer to the test questions immediate after reviewing them, and I was terrified I'd fail it.

    I also returned my rental car tonight using the after hours key drop, and totally forgot to refill the tank. I'm sure that'll cost me about $9 per gallon.

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    Yesterday my husband came home and asked me, "How was your appointment?" 
    My response was, "OH SHIT!!"  Knew about it all week, remembered in the morning, on my Google calendar which I check more than once a day and I STILL forgot!

    Luckily it was only to draw some more blood for yet another cystic fibrosis test (which I've had done before and results were low so not sure, or can't remember, why I have to do another.)
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    I was kinda proud of myself for not having any preggo brain moments and then just now I went to comment on another post and couldn't remember how to spell "restaurant". Even auto correct on my phone was like WTF?? Hmm. At least I can laugh at myself.
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    Oh this happened to me this morning!  I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, put my keys in my purse after I take them out of the car. This morning I go to leave for work and I can't find my damned keys....so I searched my purse-twice.  Search the house, can't find them, go out to the car, the keys are IN the ignition in the garage.

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