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How Do You Explain Special Needs?

DD and I were watching Wheel of Fortune last night and there was a man on there who had special needs.  She asked why he was talking different and I didn't really have a good answer for her.  I basically explained that everyone has challenges in life, some people need help walking or talking, talked about her uncle who has dyslexia, etc.  But I felt like I was not really explaining it well and kind of stumbling over my words.  Any thoughts?  

Re: How Do You Explain Special Needs?

  • We are religious so I say God made everyone different. Just like you have hazel yes and brother has brown. We are all different but we are all special in our own way.
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    My kids each have a few special needs kids in their grades. I told them everyone's brain works differently and some people need some extra help in certain areas. They seemed to get it. I'm interested to see what other people do.
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  • I generally say something like "well, we all talk/move/are different" if we at home, I might go a little more in depth about disabilities, in public I keep it short and sweet unless it's apparent the person might be open to questions. I used to be a special ed teacher, so I try to be sensitive to the needs wants of the person and hir/her companions.
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