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Who is running the weight loss checkin now?

I think Hav had sort of unofficially taken it over, but is anyone actually doing it? I haven't seen one in a bit.

Re: Who is running the weight loss checkin now?

  • I think whoever was having a great week usually AWed themself, and the rest of us checked in with our accomplishments and struggles. It's less official then it used to be.

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  • Gotcha. Does anyone want an official one again? I kind of liked a regular one, and I'd be happy to run it. If no one else wants it, though, carry on and I'll crawl back in my hole. :)
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  • I meant to do one, partly because I lost weight ;). I totally forgot with this ridiculous sinus infection.

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  • I will gladly take up the torch then. I think we were doing Monday and Thursday checkins, yes? Do we still want that?
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