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    @Nicb13‌ the LTD plan I have requires you to have been paying on the plan for 365 days before they pay out. I based it on my salary from last year. I asked them when I renew if I move it up will that be ok they said it would only pay out for what I had been paying for until I again reach the 365 days. From what was explained to me I believe this is standard for LTD policies. Might not be the case for STD though.
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    MLE_C2BMLE_C2B member
    I get 12 wks FMLA 10 days of 100% pay and 6-8 weeks of 70% STD pay after that ends I'm allowed to take up to 12 more weeks of unpaid time but must use my PTO up first so roughly 3 weeks if that will be paid. Tge system us confusing but I got about 5 months off with DS and it was worth every penny. I found I spent way less as we were pretty home- bound,
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    mrsvedomrsvedo member
    I'm doing the full 12 weeks covered under FMLA. I get 6 weeks of STD at 60% pay. After that I'm taking 3 weeks with PTO and the last 3 weeks unpaid. We've been saving to cover the loss of income.

    The time from my due date to the first week of January is exactly 12 weeks, so as long as I don't deliver early I'll be able to take the rest of the year off.
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    Dani0329Dani0329 member
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    Nicb13 said:
    fisk2005 said:
    Pregnancy qualifies as STD? @SPurp13‌
    Yep. BUT, correct me if I'm wrong someone, but you have to apply way before you are actually pregnant right?
    It probably depends on the company, I have Colonial and you cannot be pregnant when you sign up for the insurance or they consider it a pre-existing condition.  Certain states pay separately (don't quote me because I have only done research on where we live).  I will get a portion of my pay from STD insurance (6-8 weeks depending on delivery, following 2 week recovery period) and a portion from the state (6 weeks). 

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