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Teacher gift??

DD's teacher mentioned to a couple of the moms that she was taking her daughter to the beach for 2 weeks this summer. The room mom for DD's class bought a beach bag/tote for the teacher and wants the other parents to bring beach stuff to go in it as her end of the year gift. Other than a beach towel, I am lost as to what to get. I'm sure there is something obvious but my brain isn't working. Any suggestions? Thanks ladies.
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Re: Teacher gift??

  • Visa gift card for gas money
  • Spin313Spin313 member
    Maybe a combo pack of sunscreens (you can get some with two canisters and face sticks)...or floppy beach hats and sand toys.

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  • Gift card!
  • Magazines?  A book?

    DD~6 years old~born June 6, 2008 (1st grade)
    DS~4 years old~born November 6, 2010 (1st year of preschool)
  • Gift card!!! Can't say it enough. Who goes to the beach that doesn't already have beach stuff? Is this her first time seeing the ocean ever? If not, gift card!!!
    Andrewsgallexusolseneaglesfan700[Deleted User]
  • I agree with Kate. We go to the beach every summer. We have a beach bag, toys, sunscreen, towels etc.
  • Yeah, I agree that I'd get something more consumable, since she may very well already have a beach towel, toys, etc. Besides a gift card, I would do a couple of magazines, or a book, trail mix-type snacks, something like that.
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  • jnksmomjnksmom member
    Ok. Thanks ladies. I always give gift cards to teachers and was going to buy her a gift card for end of the year anyway until they suggested the beach theme. I will get a Visa gift card.
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  • Gift card. If you know a restaurant in the area, you could buy a gift card to one of the restaurants. Or maybe there is something like a putt putt course?  They might be happy to have an alternative to the beach for a few hours.

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  • As a former teacher, I think it's awesome you are putting so much thought into this gift! :) I would suggest a gift card to a bookstore like Barnes and Noble and thank her for instilling a love of education in your child; that kind of stuff used to feel really good to receive back when I was teaching. More memorable than just a Visa card, in my opinion, although I'm sure no one on a teacher's salary would turn that down! ;) LOL 
  • I would rather do something like a Target or other store gift card, only because I have had problems with Visa cards in the past. You often have to know exactly how much is on the card, which can be difficult if you didn't use the entire card value the first time. Also, isn't there a fee to purchase the card? If I am paying an extra $5, I'd rather that money go to the recipient.
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  • I honestly never expected anything from any of my students and was really surprised when I received gifts of any type, so I think that anything you choose is ultimately a wonderful gesture that she will greatly appreciate. It sounds corny, but it really is the thought that counts; it just feels good to be appreciated and remembered when you invest all of yourself all school year long. :) 
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