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new to the sahm club any advice is much appreciated

Hello ladies, I habe been a part of the bump community since I was ttc. I am so excited to come on this board. My gusband and I recently (last week), decided that me working wasn't working for our family. My 2yr old dd waa acting out, not sleeping ect.. since i have been home with her she has only had 1 tempertantrum and she is sleeping! Any way I am so happy and excited but I am also scared. Tips on budget, daily routine, free activities with the lo would be greatly apprecited!

Re: new to the sahm club any advice is much appreciated

  • You should have figured the budget part before starting to SAH. I can't give you any advice there as I don't know your financial background.
    As far as a schedule, I find that keeping one is good for both me and the kids. If we don't get up and ready in the morning, we likely sit around in pajamas all day. I keep a lot of craft activities in the house and we are always getting inspired to make things. It gives us something to do together and teaches her how to follow instructions. Also, maybe join a meet up group. I recently did and I am so happy that we go to the park and we both have friends there. We are also members of the zoo and children's museum so we take trips to those all the time. Good luck and welcome!

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    Thanks, I guess I should clarify, not so much budget but moneu saving tips on groceries,  clothes, ect...
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