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Random shoe poll

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What are your go to shoes at the moment, the ones that make you feel the best?

Random shoe poll 141 votes

Tennis shoes/sneakers
19% 27 votes
Flip flops
28% 40 votes
4% 6 votes
1% 2 votes
High heels
2% 3 votes
1% 2 votes
26% 38 votes
2% 3 votes
0% 1 vote
13% 19 votes

Re: Random shoe poll

  • Due to dislocating bones in my foot twice in ten months I'm only allowed to wear running sneakers with custom inserts. I only wear low heals or sandals if it's for less than a few hours since it causes pain otherwise.
  • Barefoot all the way! Though, since that is usually not an option, I tend to gravitate towards shoes that look like cute flats but have sneaker-like grips so there is a lot of support. 

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  • I would be barefoot if I didn't have to work :) So, flip flops if it's warm enough.
    Toms if it's not.
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  • Saucony running shoes.  My feet are the happiest in those.  They aren't stylish but now that I can wear jeans to work (thank you, new and improved dress code!) I don't really care.  I used to be an "all heels, all the time" girl, but then I had some foot problems caused by distance running, and never really found my way back to my elevator heels. So when I can't be in runners, I'm in flats or danskos.  Also, I have to take my shoes off before bringing LO into daycare, and anything other than slip ons drives me nuts because I have to set him down, take the shoes off, then put them back on afterwards.  Sounds like no big deal but when I'm hurrying in the morning, it is annoying.
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  • SS: both my flats and flip flops are crocs. So I should have voted crocs but I didn't want to. They're amazing.
    You just made me start a post-it. 
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  • rlyttlerlyttle
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    I grab my wedges everyday for work! At home I'm barefoot, I mean we are supposed to be barefoot and pregnant right?!
  • punnybunny punnybunny
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    I put tennis shoes... Because that's what I wear when I'm not wearing these (not sure what category they go in, but I love them and they are so comfy, plus they're easy slip-on-and-go type shoes).  image

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  • nilveronilvero
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    I alternate between my comfy flats and sandals. Especially since the weather hit 90 degrees this week... sandals all the way!
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  • JustCricketJustCricket
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    @JustCricket‌ thank you! I just went to find a picture to prove myself and saw the cutest sandals! They're the huaracha flat I think. Like rainbow colors but every other color was super cute too. Boo $50 new style. I want nicer sandal ones in addition to the flip flops because they're very casual style.
    nice! I'll agree there are probably more fugly shoes by croc than cute.. but if you look.. you can find some nice stuff. I like these cuz they work with what I normally wear. 
    eta- my shoes on a pretty footed person (aka not me)

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  • @sweetturnip and @justcricket justify alllll you want but Crocs is Crocs :) and I'm totally a Judgy McJudgerson ...There are now TWO of  you on my unacceptable footwear post-it! 
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  • I'm not a big shoe or fashion person, but I actually went to three Targets yesterday to look for a pair of flats I really wanted in my size. Perfect timing for this poll.
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  • @sweetturnip and @justcricket justify alllll you want but Crocs is Crocs :) and I'm totally a Judgy McJudgerson ...There are now TWO of  you on my unacceptable footwear post-it! 

    @sweetturnip let's start a club!

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    @sweetturnip and @justcricket justify alllll you want but Crocs is Crocs :) and I'm totally a Judgy McJudgerson ...There are now TWO of  you on my unacceptable footwear post-it! 

    I don't like crocs, but I'm starting an unacceptable use of the word judgmental post-it...and you're now on it.

    Do you not wear Crocs because you're too attractive ?
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  • I have mostly been wearing slip-on Pumas for commuting but that will change to flip flops when the temps in D.C. go up a little more. I don't walk a lot during the day so I have actually still been wearing heels once I get into the office. I am just having a hard time giving them up now because I know in a couple of months they will be terribly uncomfortable.
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  • I bought the new Vionic Flip Flops from Dillards and love them!  If you don't mind splurging (they were a little pricey) but very comfortable.  I will probably wear them 5 times a week from now until baby arrives, so I'll get my money out of them. 
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