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Screaming at middle of the night nightmares?

My Lo had a bad night but this has happened a few times. She is 5.5 weeks old she could be in deep sleep n then out of no where scream bloody murder n it terrifies me I run pick her up. She calms down in a few minutes we snuggle n she goes back to sleep. Has this happened to anyone is it nightmare or what could it be someone mentioned gas pain it's very sporadic. Thanks for in put

Re: Screaming at middle of the night nightmares?

  • Could be night terrors. Dd had them but I can't remember at what age they started. Her pedi said they were fairly normal and she would grow out of them, which she has. She would wake up and scream and was inconsolable. Then just as quickly she would calm and go back to sleep. It was bizarre!
  • My LO will occasionally do that during her daytime naps. Mainly my husband and I just give each other quizzical looks and laugh it off. Most of the time a gentle touch or "hushhh" will soothe her. The other day I had to wake her all the way up to get the screaming to subside. My guess is she dreamed there were no more boobs. ;)
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  • DD just did this last weekend!!!
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  • Yup. Dd does this on occasion. I think it's gas. At first I thought dreams, but she seems to be pretty uncomfortable when it happens.
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  • DS1 started getting night terrors aroumd three months and sounds just like that. He's two and a half and still has them about three times a week.
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    I would guess it's probably a gas bubble too.
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