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Toddler parenting book recs?

Moms who have survived/are in the throes of toddlerhood: any resources out there that you found particularly helpful regarding this stage? TIA!

Re: Toddler parenting book recs?

  • I was going to recommend "Parenting With Love and Logic" as well, they have a book for younger children.

    I don't follow RIE practices all the time, but the acknowledging feelings and "sportscasting" techniques have worked wonders.
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  • I like "The Preschool Years" by Ellen Galinsky.  I think a lot of it applies to younger children as well.  It gives a lot of perspective on how kids think and advice on practical day to day stuff.  She also doesn't have a one style fits all approach (I think she lists 17 different forms of discipline, none of which are spanking).

    It's one of few parenting books I have read where I believe that the author has a) researched child development, and b) actually parented young children. 
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  • I second "Parenting with love and logic"! It has worked wonders.
  • I just bought parenting with love and logic and how to talk so kids will listen...

    I feel like I need some fresh perspective on our issues together sometimes. This toddler stuff is hard. Sometimes he's amazing and then other times.... Terrible.
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  • Toddler Tactics by Pinky McKay is supposed to be pretty good.
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    I also really like Love and Logic books.  The one for birth to 6 is called Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood.    Some of the things in the book seem a bit harsh but they really do work.  DD's pre-school even hosted a seminar with the author of the books.  It was eye opening.

    Edit: When I said Harsh I don't mean physically.  There is no physical punishment in the book.
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  • I need to check out these books.  It's so hard sometimes.  I am finding 3 is much worse than 2!  Lord help me!  DD acts so much better with everyone else but me
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  • Not a book but I like a lot. They have different sections for each age group.
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  • Thank you, ladies!! Looks like I've got some reading to do! :)
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