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Sold baby stuff

So, I've finally sold a chuck of my LO's baby stuff: Crib, stroller, high chair, clothes. She's 2 now. All gone to happy families. And it was nice because no one questioned why I was selling it as they saw I only had one child. :)  

At this time, my DH is at 90% being O&D. I'm at about 70%. He did say we could always buy the items again if we ever decided to have another child. It's a sad feeling but also exciting because that means I have a less stuff in my house and made a little bit of money. 

I don't post often but I don't know anyone else that would understand. 

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Re: Sold baby stuff

  • Yes, post more!

    I am not there yet, but I can see how it would be a weight off of your shoulders not to have the extra clutter.


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  • Hi.

    Your LO is so cute. Look at those cheeks!

    DS is still in his crib but most of his baby stuff is gone. We sold his swing, his high chair and the exersaucer he used.

    I also donated most of his clothes but kept some outfits that I want to hang on to (getting all sappy over here).

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    I understand, I'm getting ready to sell my big baby stuff (pack n play, gym, etc) this weekend.  I've had some tears about it for sure.  But I'm also feeling the same about having some extra cash and space.  I keep telling myself that if we have another, I can always buy that kind of stuff again at consignment if I need to, and - bonus - there is enough age difference that I will have the new and improved.
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  • I sold DS stuff as soon as he was done using it.. Maybe that was a sign I was OAD and I didn't even realize it. He is 13 months old and all we have left are strollers, crib, car seats and a pack and play and high chair... He hasn't use either in a while though so maybe I should. I just have a house full of every toy every made and it looks like I have 5 kids haha.
  • DS is only 7 months, but we got rid of a bunch of stuff recently. It was such a freeing experience.
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  • I have a bin too and I'm putting more clothes on consignment. These posts make me more excited for the future!  Thanks ladies. I will try to post more often. :)
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  • I hear ya!! Last weekend I took DS's still good looking summer clothes from last summer to the consignment shop. I also took a nice car seat. The so-so car seat and clothes, I gladly took to the local SPCA thrift. Love not having those things pile up in the corner. Ever feel like you're going through your LO's stuff to some extent every couple of months? Plus he just got birthday loot, so we have room for that. Out with the old, in with the new!
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    We have always been doing this.  I hate clutter so it always feels good to purge and get rid of things that aren't being used.  Our most recent purge was a ride in car that DS had when he was 3 or 4.  We bought is for 400 back then so it is 4-5 years old and we sold it for 200! Score.  We had tons of calls so no budging on price. 
  • I love selling stuff she isn't using but on craiglist ever seems to low ball.
  • I need to do the same. It's much harder than it should be. Congrats on getting extra cash and extra space!!! :)
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  • I have someone coming to buy my huge swing tonight!  I got rid of some gear as soon as we were done with it (infant car seats, breast pump, bouncer), but now I'm on phase 2 (swing, jumperoo, pack n play).  I sell all clothes to a family friend as soon as DS outgrows them.

    IF we were to have another LO (very unlikely), I'd have no problem picking up some cheap gear at garage sales.  I realize now how that stuff only gets used for a few months and it doesn't need to be new and pretty to get the job done.

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  • KS02CS08 said:
    I love selling stuff she isn't using but on craiglist ever seems to low ball.

    I just go a little higher and then accept the lower offer. Going to put up a few things myself this weekend!
  • I usually take a lower offer because what am I going to do with it :)
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