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Present for FT Grandmother

I was looking at getting my mom something special this Mother's Day, especially because we are expecting her first grandchild.

Any ideas on something for a first time grandmother for Mother's Day?

Re: Present for FT Grandmother

  • I usually take my mom out to brunch on mother's day, but that didn't seem special enough seeing as she's also a FT Grandmother. She really wanted to go to the A/S, but I can't bring anyone besides H. Now we're rounding up all 3 FT G-ma's on Mother's Day to go find out the sex at a 3rd party U/S place and lunch after. Even more fun, it's a surprise, and they have no clue :)

    How about a gift that she can use with the baby? For example, my mom is an avid reader and LOVED reading to us when we were little. I considered getting a couple of my favorite childhood books so she could have that experience all over again and writing something sweet inside. It's all about making memories!


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