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furniture hand me downs....

I have my grandmas hope chest and sewing machine (built into a small table) which i have no room for in my house anymore. How do you deal with furniture hand me downs? I feel bad to get rid of them because they were left for me from her estate but at the same time i don't have any use for them.
Wwyd? Put them in storage or sell them or something else?
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Re: furniture hand me downs....

  • See if any family members want them.  You can mention that you are thinking of giving them away.  Sometimes people will not want an item because they know it is safely stored at your place.  However, if they know you are giving it away, they may become sentimental and find a place for it in their own home. 

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  • I love old sewing machine tables!  I'd probably repurpose it as a nightstand or something.  I agree with asking friends or family though, if you really don't want it.  I'd do that before craigslist or kijiji.
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  • I agree with the others. Offer it to family first. If no one wants it try selling it on kijiji or donate
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  • I'm totally eying my MIL's sewing table for a nightstand! Can you use the chest for toys?
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